Splinter Camo Ramblin Rolls for a Cause Jan 20, 2015



All proceeds go to supporting Stephen Hyde’s World Championship trip. Pick one up below for $50 shipped worldwide SOLD OUT but if you’d like to donate to Stephen, do so at JAM Fund.

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When it comes to small batches or limited edition products, I’d like to think one product in particular has a cult-like following: the Yanco x Tracko Ramblin Roll.

Kyle from Tracko always tracks down unique fabrics and Yanco designs each roll’s construction details around that selection. In continuing the tradition, I sought out some WWII splinter camouflage from a contact of mine in Austria. This piece of fabric had bullet hole patches on it, cigarette burns and other stains of unknown origin. Luckily, it was just big enough to get some Ramblin Rolls made from it. Yanco reinforced the fabric on the inside with sail cloth and added some extra webbing to ensure they’ll last for seasons on end.

To be quite frank, I was planning on doing a give-away for these, but instead, I thought it’d be rad to support a really awesome dude who’s going to ‘cross worlds. I got to ride and hang out with Stephen Hyde a bit during Nats and if you follow the sport at all, you’d know that he got selected for Worlds. That costs a lot of money, so to help out, I’m donating all proceeds from these limited Ramblin Rolls to help Stephen out because I want to see more US racers competing overseas!

  • Joshua Robot

    You’re a good dude John.

  • Lars

    Does USAC contribute anything to these guys and gals travel expenses, or do you have to pay your own way after qualifying?

    • nikcee

      if you finish in the top 10 at any World cup event (or possibly for winning nationals) you get a full ride (travel, accom and pit support). if not you just get accom.

  • Rad man! Stoked on all the positive vibes your sending out.

  • KT

    That’s really cool of you man. Wish I heard about these going up for sale in time :(

  • Jan De

    I got mine yesterday after it took the long journey from Texas to East Germany.
    Thanks for the stickers and the nice topcap.
    You are a damn good man.