The House Industries Velo Collection is Rolling! Oct 9, 2014



When some design companies sell cycling products, they just slap a label on some Taiwanese blanks, but House Industries isn’t just anyone. They’ve done an amazing job, sourcing products that were made domestically. From PAUL, to Brooks, Tanner Goods, King Cage and even Waterford-constructed framesets, the House Industries Velo Collection is filled with products that will last a lifetime.

… and as I just found, it’s hard to not add a lot of it to your check out basket!

See more at House Industries and again, smashing job guys!

  • Tyler Morin

    Those brakes are way rad!

  • cork grips

    those TA cranks!!

    • I want House Industries to design the logos on all my French bicycle components!

  • Jon B.

    The King cage for the win.

  • Kyle C

    so awesome!

  • Gary Going

    And what exactly is commendable about rebadging perfectly good components with an ugly logo and charging a premium for the disservice? Another example of designer poseurs.

    • Keris

      I think the difference here is how utterly comprehensive these “poseurs” are, I mean these collaborations must have taken hours and hours of work. They even did porcelain, a pair of jeans, musettes and t-shirts.

    • Kat

      Lol, He just called House “designer poseurs”

      Might want to do some research, bubs.

    • Idiot.

      • Gary Going

        Hours and hours? Porcelain, a pair of jeans and a bunch of other crap? All branded with a ripped-off vintage Hoover vacuum label and regurgitated faux-mid-century modern decorative bullshit? I thought the “culture” would have moved past this once the ’90’s were over but it’s obvious that some industry whores working the backwaters of the web are still deeply invested in this consumer tripe.

        • I love that “mid century modern” angers you so much and yet you still visit these “backwaters” on the “web”.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    and the King cage, damn, they killed this project.

  • Charles Southgate

    Shop Rags

  • bongofruit

    The complete bicycle and accoutrements look nice, but I can’t help but read this statement twice: “When some design companies sell cycling products, they just slap a label on some Taiwanese blanks,” as opposed to slapping a label on some American blanks?

    Edit: That King Cage is definitely a sharp piece of kit though.

    • They worked with the manufacturers. The Tanner bag is new (House Designed it) and House worked on the bike’s geometry and design with Waterford. Paul brakes are laser etched and the Tellason jeans is a new cut and the King Cage is custom…

      So yes, it is different than picking a blank stem from a Taiwan catalog, branding it and selling it for a 300% margin.

      • bongofruit

        No snark intended with my original post. Thank you for elucidating. I can definitely appreciate the time taken to work with US manufacturers to bring quality products to market that aren’t just cash grabs. It is appealing to support products that feature a domestic provenance and happen to be thoughtful at the same time.

        • All good! Trying not to be snarky in return. I can never tell when people are being sincere or dickish so I err on neutrality. xo

  • adanpinto

    I like the works of house industries and I think this bike is gorgeousl but they have made a mistake not giving any info about the geometry and other basic specs. If they want people to order this exclusive (and expensive) bikes they should solve this issue. At least for me it’s one of the most important things to check before buying a bike.

    • If I were serious about the frame, I’d just email them for the geometry, but I do agree with you 100% that the info should be there.

    • dan chabanov

      So I talked to Rich at House and each bike they have made so far has been custom to the customer. This is why they don’t give a geo chart. If you order a bike or a frame they will have it built for you.

      • adanpinto

        This make it even better :-) Still, I think they should advertise it just a bit better.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Hey I hate to revive and older thread but you ever get to ride one? Are these actually customer frames branded by House?

    • These are made by Waterford. I haven’t been able to ride one of these exact bikes, but have ridden numerous Waterford frames.