Fairdale’s 2015 Drop Weekender Looks Great Oct 7, 2014


Looking for a touring rig for under $1,300? Check out Fairdale’s new Drop Weekender. Like all of their 2015 bikes, they’ve written up an explanation on the Fairdale Blog. For a play by play of this bike’s bells and whistles (just kidding, it doesn’t come with a bell or a whistle), head over and check it out.

My favorite is still the Goodship!

  • Chris Valente

    I have been looking for a commuter/kid hauler/touring rig affordable enough to justify to my wife to add another bike to the stable. This looks like a solid option…

  • Scheezler

    A ‘touring rig’ with a single front ring?

    • They sell it spec’d for commuting, but you can add a front derailleur easily (as noted in their post)…

      • Scheezler

        I mean, sure. If you throw a couple hundred dollars worth of shifter/chainrings/derailleur at it. But to say you’re getting a ‘touring rig for under $1300’ is a little misleading.

        • There are plenty of places to tour where additional gearing wouldn’t be necessary. ;-)

  • Andrew Hopton

    Is there a release date yet?