The 2014 Red Bull Mini Drome NYC – Chris Lee

The 2014 Red Bull Mini Drome NYC
Words and photos by Chris Lee

This year’s Red Bull Mini Drome took place at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on June 28th. Unlike last year’s frigid race, this year took place in the middle of summer and brought a much higher (and more leveled) caliber of racing to the event. Racers definitely took note from the year previous and brought fixed gear freestyle bikes, fixed gear DJ bikes and a lighter gear ratio. This made for some really impressive bike handling and transition pumping skills to be shown off while each racer gained more speed with every lap.

This year’s Mini Drome featured a new “fastest team” category which Brooklyn Machine Works took home. And of course the individual fastest racer which went to Brooklyn local, David Rodebough.


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  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Well done!

  • Mini Drome

    Yo it was on the 27th and Dave won on a 50/16 monster gear. He was riding 23’s pumped to 120. He was offered more than once parts and such to change his set up. But he declined. Said to each his own. He won $1000 of red bull money for first individual and split the second place team prize with his teammate Jon Lynn, representing Lockfoot.

    I was stoked to throw this event for all these riders again. And I hope we can see something bigger and better next year.

    Doug D