Ride Along: Crihs and His Legor Singlespeed Cross

As we continue our “Hot Boyz of Cycling” series – that’s what I’m calling it anyway – I caught up with “Dominican Crihs” in Los Angeles en route to a local unsanctioned cross race. Which he lost to Hern if I recall. His Legor is one of my favorite singlespeed cross bikes I’ve had the chance to photograph. Crihs is a good friend of mine and one who is always quick to call me out on whatever he so pleases, so I put him on a spot a bit.

What is your sigil?
Crihs: Thor

Thor isn’t a sigil dummy!
Crihs: Why cant Thor by an animal? Why does it have to be an animal?

Thor is the god of thunder. Just making sure you know that. totally ok!
Crihs: Yes of course. He is also a super hero. I guess the Radavist is a more serious site. No more online humor.

Oh dude – whatever – nothing with the word RAD in it can be serious!
Crihs: You never know.

Anyway… Tell me about your bike
Crihs: My legor was a custom job by my friend Mattia. In February at the NAHBS in Austin, he said “If you win Monstertrack, I will make you a bike of your choice”. So I did. Columbus generously provided the tubing. The bike is a single speed cross bike with aggressive geometry. I also wanted to ride it as a track bike on the street.

Why steel?
Crihs: I had a steel cross bike. I like the way it felt. Plastic bikes are fragile and more expensive to replace. Steel (in my mind) is more durable for the type of riding that I do.

What’s your favorite mid-ride snack?
Crihs: Blocks by Clif.

#LASucksForCycling – your take?
Crihs: #LAsucksforcycling because the roads suck. The drivers spent 20-30% of their day trapped in this mobile box. That leads to anger, anger leads to mistakes which cause accidents. There is also a lot of drunk driving because LA has one of the worst mass transit systems for a city its size in the world. LA does have great riding dont get me wrong. I dont feel as safe as I would in NY, although I have never been in a accident in LA.

#LAsucksforcycling is a joke – because the riding is really great. Wanna explain that side of it? What do you enjoy riding in LA? i.e. mountaints, etc.
Crihs: Oh well… I like the fact that 10 miles out the city center in almost any direction you can go riding. Last ride I did was up the one, up some road (I think Flores) and I almost died. 46×18 up 10% grade was not fun. But the descent was amazing. I cant wait to go back and ride.

Where are you riding to? (Crihs forgets that he’s going to a race – at this point he’s irritated with me…)
Crihs: Anywhere. As long as I am riding with people. I could care less.



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Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Kodak Portra 400