Crihs’ Legor Singlespeed Cross

I’ve known Crihs for a very long time and each time I see him, he’s got a new bike. Not a new, new bike, just a different bike. I don’t think anything Crihs owns stays new, or at least looks new. His rides are all street-ridden and thrashed. Basically, his bikes are very, very happy.

This Legor Cicli singlespeed cross bike is an incredible machine. Vintage Shimano levers, PAUL cantis, vintage ATAC, a thrashed Flite and the rest of the components don’t distract from the impeccable fillets and halftone paint job. I even love the mis-matched black Thomson with a silver face plate!

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  • thebennonite

    How rad would mix/matched silver/black Paul cantis be?

  • Forrest Cobb

    The silver/black details throughout this build are super sick. A couple of questions about it: Why is he running a much higher spoke count on the front wheel compared to the rear? Also, what kind chainring is that?


    • Wade Schultz

      Looks like a SRAM 10spd 46t chainring.

      • Crihs


    • I think these wheels were whatever he had. It wasn’t intentional…

    • Crihs

      I have the campy record rear back in NY that needed an axle change so it can fit the 130 spacing.

      Sram S900 cranks with stock 46t ring.