The 2014 All City Championships Weekend: Track Crit – Chris Lee

The 2014 All City Championship Weekend: Bandit Cross
Words and photos by Chris Lee

The second installment of the All City Championships got started late in the day. 10pm meet up at One On One and a group ride to the start of the fixed gear crit. We (as a group) rolled up to a vacant events lot next to an overpass. It was incredibly dark with only a couple street lights and a big Budweiser billboard illuminating the race course…

The 10 lap men’s race went off first. By the end of the men’s category, the race had to be relocated because of a fight that broke out amongst some of the spectators. The second location was not lit any better. In fact most of the light was from the full moon that was high above us the entire night.

At the end, the male and female winners had to play rock, paper, scissors for the grand prize: a road wheel set. Turns out, Jeff Frane (All City Championships organizer) has a pretty good sense of humor.


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