L39ion Into the Lion’s Den

L39ion of Los Angeles has a vision for the future of crit racing, and they put on a showcase in the first Into the Lion’s Den race. SRAM had to be there, of course. In this first episode of SRAMtv, they bring us behind the scenes of an incredible weekend in Sacramento, as host, Jen Whalen chats with members of the peloton and takes you inside the race. Big primes, loud jerseys, and equal prize purses: Into the Lion’s Den is crit racing and L39ion at their best. Can you feel it?


Watch this Red Hook Crit Milano Documentary

I’d say this is the best RHC Milano video to date, but I wish they interviewed more women about their criterium. Where’s Ash Duban?! Regardless, it’s a well put together documentary about a race that began illegally in the backstreets of Red Hook and eventually, Milano.