Kyle’s Tokyo Fixed and Death Spray Custom Ono Track

When I found out that London’s Tokyo Fixed Gear reached out to Death Spray Custom to design the paint job on one of their new track frames, dubbed the Ono, I couldn’t wait to see what the outcome would be. It wasn’t until seeing Kyle’s built up in person earlier this year that I could finally geek out on all the little details.

This bike slays and not just in the ride, but the overall presentation. The paint just pops! Kyle’s build ain’t too shabby either. The purple Chris King headset and that AARN track ring really set it off for me. Mixed in with the vintage Shimano post and Cinelli Unicanitor…

Kyle says this is his favorite track bike to date and I can see why! See more photos in the Gallery…

  • Ryan Combdon

    I grabbed one on the ONOs because of Kyle’s setup and the “Everybody Dance with Me” video. I love it!

    Headset: Chris King Pewter
    Sugino 75 / Phil Wood BB
    Pedals: Shimano SPD
    44rn Chainring / Phil Wood Cog / Sugino 75 / Super Toughness
    Handlebars/Stem: Ritchey Classic Curve / Thomson X2 100mm
    Saddle/Seatpost: Brooks Team Pro in the photo i’ve attached but now i have a reissue Unicanitor / Thomson Elite / Ramblin’ Roll
    Wheelset/Hub/Tire: TB14 32h / Phil Wood High Flange Track Hubs / Atomic 22 Guard Dog Security / DT Spokes

    • Bruno Moreno

      Just curious, why so many spacers above the stem?

      • Ryan Combdon

        I was testing the fit so i waited to cut the steerer tube. It’s since has been cut.

    • ap

      your bike has no top tube ?!?!?!

      • Ryan Combdon

        HAHA, Toronto Bike locking posts wreak havoc on a paint job. So i put on a ReLoad Top tube protecter.

    • kasual

      Haha +1 on the Toronto bike posts and top tubes. Seeing your parked in front of BOW, did they build it up for you?

      Looking forward to seeing this thing out and about.

      • Ryan Combdon

        No, Liberty Street built it up. BOW are awesome, i was just eager to have it built up ASAP and Liberty Street are Awesome and have a quicker turnaround.

    • trackosaurusrex


  • Sam LaClair

    What width is that atlas bar in the featured bike?

  • mookauu

    Does it make me a nerd or a douchebag for wondering where he got those headset spacers?

    • Ryan Combdon

      Velo Orange make a similar but in 1″

    • trackosaurusrex

      They are Dia Compe, Velo Orange carried them but I don’t think they do anymore. They make both Black and Silver, in 1in and 1 1/8in.

  • Adam Carter

    those rims with the rando rear shoe! plush. the detail on the paint is mind-boggling!

  • Does anybody know if Kinoko are going to produce any more of these?