Bicycling Magazine: Makers’ Marks by Jeremy Dunn and John Watson Oct 28, 2013


You probably remember this post from last year’s NAHBS. I called it Head Shots and Head Tubes. It still, to this day, gets constant traffic and while I’m very happy with the execution, what the post lacked was a story, or a background to the faces and crown races you’re looking at.

That’s where Jeremy Dunn and Bicycling Magazine come into play. With the aid of Jeremy, we made the Head Shots and Head Tubes post a story, fit for Bicycling Magazine and their iPad App. They dubbed it Makers’ Marks (clever!)…

Check out a preview at Bicycling Magazine and download the app here!

  • Erik Noren

    Thanks for doing this one John, I have always thought it was cool. And now they make headtubes as big as my pythons!!!

  • FireFly

    Yeah! bRad’s face! A Jeremy and John combo is never a bad thing.