2013 NAHBS: Head Shots and Head Tubes

Going into the 2013 NAHBS, I wanted to find a way to capture the personality of the builders and the bikes they create. Headshots, especially when the subject is comfortable around you, is an easy way to do so. As I was halfway through this shoot, I realized something: the builders look a lot like their frames. Drawing that comparison is easy enough, shooting portraits in convention center lighting is not. That said, I’m pretty stoked on how these came out.

I wanted to thank these men for what they do and I wish I could have gotten around to shooting everyone but this selection is pretty spot-on.

  • this is awesome!! Great idea

  • Baylis bike is alive!

  • Is it NAHBS or just a warehouse of C. King production?

  • Marty and Brad are starting to look a little alike

  • GeraldBowles

    This is an excellent idea. It’s this kind of unique content that keeps me coming back to this site.

  • lucasvd

    this is an awesome photoset, well done

  • Awesome! Love it!

  • Raymond Walker

    The awesomeness of this post is off the charts!

  • J

    Like the way people look like their dogs.  Love it. 

  • Prolly, this is incredible.

  • Incredible series. 

  • So rad.

  • This is the best photo set  you’ve ever done. Ever.

    •  It’s damn close but definitely isn’t the best because it has to do with bikes.

    • the words-by-fyxo set was the goat atmo

  • Great gallery great idea!

  • Great set!

  • Such a rad idea. 

  • Great gallery, would have been cool if you had listed the framebuilder’s names alongside their brands.

  •  …and where they’re based.

    • The name is in the caption, below the photo.

      •  What I meant, was something along the lines of:

        Joe Schmoe, Schmoe Bikes, Schmoetown USA

  • Wonderful concept, great execution.

  • great concept and execution. Well done.

  • Devin Curran

    I like the idea of Head Tubes and Heads all at the same time.. 

  • sama

    Really goes to show how bicycles can express so much of an individual’s personality in one place. Awesome photoset!

  • Johannes Sang

    Just love this gallery!!! Go on…..

  • consumedesign

    Great series!

  • Should’ve snuck in a photo of Joe Bell next to the Baylis as that’s who’s on the headtube.

    •  That’s for damn sure!

    • I tried to find him but couldn’t. Jeremy Dunn got a great photo of it on his Instagram though!

  • Anthony Fiandaca

    1. upside-down CK on the Hunter is rad
    2. the Argonaut dude is a model i think..

  • Good Fucking Job!

  • Kailas Patil

    Their faces do resemble their Head Tubes!

  • Speedlights are your best friend in convention center lighting. Great concept I dig.

    • Speedlights are just as inconsistant as convention lighting. They take time to set up for each booth and it’s easier to walk in and shoot.

  • Very Cool, great side shot of the shamrock dude, awesome side burn

  • lw

    This is an awesome set. Congrats on capturing this. [applaud]

  • looked through hoping to see Felix of Shed 6. but no.

  • Jacob Fraint

    That Bishop headbadge with the Maryland flag is pretty awesome. 

  • FullWindsor

    Spark of genius – although it’s like a Chris King promo gallery

  • FullWindsor

    nothing wrong with Chris King, there is just an overwhelming majority there. I suppose nukeproof, hope, and cane creek are all good possibilities as well:)

    • Yes, they are options, but no one is using them, so….


      •  Well, besides the seven easily identifiable Cane Creek headsets in this head shot set, yes…

  • Micheal Boedigheimer

    I can’t wait to see the bottom bracket series. :)

    • the joke was made earlier. pretty funny!

      • Micheal Boedigheimer

        Damn, I thought I read through all the comments. 

        • Sorry, it was said in person by someone. Not in the comments. :-)

  • I’ve come on just to have a pointless argument about headsets but in the end I’ve had to concede that this is a brilliant idea and I wish I’d thought of it

  • Don’t know what to think about that Soulcraft badge, there’s something punk about it but it doesn’t quite match the face.
    OTOH, what’s Bryan “I’m retired” Baylis doing there? Did his JB face pose for your camera?
    Very cool, what’s your next series?

  • Davey Struthers

    richard sachs most metal

  • when i saw the first pic i was like “really?” then after watching the others I was like “whuut, prolly was right”

  • Please continue this series! It’s genius man!

  • Some very well known and not so well known faces there but also a lot missing. Did you shoot specifically choose people or do it at random?

    • I literally walked around, shooting the builders that weren’t talking to anyone at the time. It’s a lot of work for one guy. I wish I could have gotten everyone but I had to shoot bikes as well.

  • Great idea well done.  thank you!

  • I love the hunter head tube with the King headsets upside down ))))

  • Apparently I need to go get a checked shirt!

  • Not one woman? Sure is a boys club.

    • Yeah, no women builders this year. Last year, I did a feature on Megan from Moth Attack though.

  • Jenn R

    Love, love, LOVE this series.