NAHBS 2019: Mega Gallery Part 03

After a jam-packed weekend at this year’s NAHBS, we’re rolling out content throughout the week, but not without another Mega Gallery, showcasing sights and scenes at the show, as well as a handful of the beautiful bicycles on display. Later this week, we’ve got some awards from the show, so stay tuned. For now, enjoy this selection of images!

Oddity Cycles Dirt Cruiser

Sean from Oddity has made some of my favorite NAHBS bikes over the years and this cruiser, while his only new bike at NAHBS, lives up to expectations. This bike features a Flat Out coaster hub. They’re $100 and are pretty neat! As well as hydro dipped bars an rims. This bike will be a production run of 10, using the last sets of Paul track dropouts in existance – or at least the last ones Paul had at their warehouse! Point it, go and hold on!

Shamrock Cycles Road

Leave it to Shamrock Cycles to bring a truly unique bike to NAHBS. Each year, this framebuilding team pushes the envelope in some way, be it weird or functional and I’m not 100% sure where this one falls into. With its drillium post, multi-tubed front triangle and wild two-tone paint, it stood out from the rest.

Doug White and his Inglis Cycles e-Commuter

Doug White, the owner of White Industries, needed to ride a bike more. His son, Alec White, really pressured him to get more excercise, to ride more, and at Doug’s age, it really is the key to enjoying life. Alec and Curtis Inglis began to chat after Doug rode Curtis’ wife, Mitsy’s Inglis Cycles e-Commuter and really liked it. Doug now commutes 25 miles each way to work, from Marin down and over to Petaluma. He feels confident riding and looks forward to the two hour commute. A fun factoid. Doug uses approximately 1kw on his round trip, which equates to around .25 cents in power.

Steve Rex Monster Cross

Sacramento-based Steve Rex brought a very distracting bike to NAHBS this year. If you’re like me, the big tires draw you in and you almost miss the bi-laminate head tube and all the intricate lug work on the frame. It’s not often you see an off-road bike detailed like this.

McGovern Cycles ‘Cross

This year, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship Builders for Builders returns, and with it, Nevada City based McGovern Cycles, where he’ll bring one of his Cross creations to be raffled off. This bike in particular features a drop seatstay, three bottle cages and ample clearance to cram a big fat tire into the custom carbon layup frame.

Frances Cycles Randonneur and Farfarer Trailer

Frances Cycles was running a special at NAHBS on his Farfarer trailer. With a few in stock at his booth and one installed on this classic randonneuring frame. The colors and design of the two are beautifully integrated and were show stoppers.

DeSalvo 20th Anniversary All Road

When Mike DeSalvo was 26 years old, he owned a 1968 VW Crew Cab pickup named “Curley”. That pickup was the only thing of value he owned as a young frame builder. He was teaching at UBI and building frames for his buddies when all of a sudden, an entire frame building kit went up for sale. It was everything someone would need to get started building bikes. Only problem was, he didn’t have any money, so he sold Curley. To celebrate 20 years of building bikes, Mike looked to Curley as an homage on a 20th anniversary all road model, designed after his VW Crew Cab. These bikes start at $4,500 complete as shown here or $6750 with carbon wheels. Head to DeSalvo Cycles for ordering.

Simple Bicycle Co Titanium All Road

Oscar from Simple Bicycle Co should show off his welds. His construction is impeccable and after building bikes for many of the made in the USA brands out there – the list keeps growing! – he decided to display his own creations this year at NAHBS, including this all-road bike which jumped out and grabbed everyone’s attention, leaving the welds exposed.


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