Lyle and His Santa Cruz Tallboy LTC

In the world of high-end, performance mountain bikes, Santa Cruz wears a crown. Maybe not as a ruler of all, but most certainly the world of the 29’r. When the Tallboy was first released, it was widely praised as the first 29’r that actually exceeded expectations.

I’m not a jealous person, but I must say, Lyle’s Tallboy LTC is one balleur bicycle. With a component list like Chris King, SRAM XX1, Rock Shox 150mm Pike and even that stubby Thomson MTB stem, this bike has seen it all. Well, as far as the Trans-Provence, Swiss Alps, Chamonix and riding in Åre, Sweden for the whole summer shooting the Acre line is concerned. The dude and this bike are living the dream.

After quite a few emails, requesting detail shots of this bike, I took a few minutes to shoot some photos prior to our ride in Glarus… Check out more in the Gallery!

  • ematthies

    is he running a 1×10 on that tallboy? is there a chain guide hiding somewhere? curious about 1×10 on a full sus – i’ve been running a 1×10 set up on a tonic fab hardtail and loving it, wonder about chain dropage on a double springer. also, please announce when the hauser pack drops for the public – want!

    • scott

      Post says XX1. It’s SRAMs 1×11 setup designed to work without a chain guide.

    • Look up SRAM XX1 / no guide at all, never dropped his chain.

  • jamie

    hey there love the updates from euro ! for the majority of posts what camera captures the pictures ? thanks jamie

  • tony d

    Nice! One came into the shop a couple days ago, needed a bleeding, xxl frame.. couldnt ” test ride it” haha

  • Geoff Casey

    How are his new shoes holding up? (Ask him about his sidi’s in Provence)


    Just curious if the frame bearings are creaking after several years of use?

    My 2007 SC blur was a creaking nightmare from day two.

    • You’ve gotta make sure all pivot points are torqued to spec and checked up on after heavy use. Mine didn’t creak, but I did have to get them checked up on once and a while.