The Mission Workshop Acre Alps MTB Tour – Day 01

Since I was one of the first people to try out the new Mission Workshop / Acre gear in China, the guys felt that it might make sense to give it a go in the Alps, where Lyle and James have spent the summer shredding. Part of this is also to familiarize myself with the new Acre Hauser pack.

Once Eurobike was over, we left Germany to spend a day in Switzerland. So, after a week of travel and tradeshows, we decided to take to a local trail system here in Glarus. Man, it felt amazing to get the heart pumping and the legs warmed up.

Even though it was only a 10 mile ride with 2,400′ or so of climbing, it was some of the steepest trails I’ve ridden and to think, the best has yet to come. Tomorrow, we head to Freiburg, Germany to ride with the Santa Cruz crew.

Check out more from the first day of the Mission Workshop Acre Alps Trip in the Gallery!

  • Some fantastic shots, can’t wait to see the rest of the journey!

  • Wobiklingel

    Wow.. Any larger resolution pictures of the Klöntalersee?

    • email me

      • Wobiklingel

        I already found it on your Flickr stream, thanks :)
        Enjoy the Swiss mountains!

  • God damn I miss the Alps. Uh-mazing. Take care out there fella.

  • tyler


    you by any chance got some gps coordinates for that ride?
    would be awsome to check it out myself!

  • Nagaredama

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Jaron Moore

    So “enve”ous of the places you get to ride, John.

  • Paul Isabella

    Great shots as usual. Love the blog. Just wondering if you have much first hand experience with the smaller Acre bag. In the market for a new everyday trail bag that is smaller and doesn’t slosh around. Curious what you use for shorter rides.
    Thanks again for awesome content. Always fresh.

    • I use the small pack more – mostly to carry camera gear or for lightweight overnight rides. It’s not super small (depending how large you are) – I usually wear a Hunter / Porcelain Rocket hip bag for short rides.