Fyxo Fauxnago Commuter

A few months ago, Andy from FYXO did a great write up on how to customize a $200 off-the-shelf fixed gear into something with more character. Enter the Fyxo Fauxnago. As authentic as Disney Land, but with more street cred than your average mail order fixie. 42:16, front, rear brakes, custom FYXO chainring, new decals, new paint, new saddle and pedals. This $200 Charge Grinder had a $700 makeover.

Andy and the rest of the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame committee is in Chicago for a few days, selecting the first year’s inductees and on our way to the beach yesterday afternoon, I took some photos of this Fauxnago Commuter. See more in the Gallery!

  • hans

    dig it more w/ fenders….http://www.cycleexif.com/fyxo-fauxnago

  • Noel Smith

    That’s one pale Aussie!

    • They don’t get a lot of sun in Melbourne.

    • Gregor P

      it’s andy “white”…

  • Richard Smith

    I hate this stupid bike

    • Guess what? No one cares! ;-)

      Also, Andy has nicer bikes than anyone reading this site, for him, this is a no-care travel bike and commuter.

    • Jamie McKeon


  • This is brilliant.

  • Peter Sagan

    whoa. that bike build is as old as the internet!

  • Peter Sagan

    whoa. this build is older than the internet…

  • Irving Chavez

    i dont want to claim to know better than most, but i think that chain may be on backwards?, not that it would make a very noticeable difference i suppose…
    really cool bike though!

    • Stefan Sarmiento

      not on backwards at all. it’s a half link chain.

      • We can all see it’s a half-link chain. They are, however, directional. And this one’s on backwards.
        If you don’t believe that, simply watch the install video for the Shadow Conspiracy Interlock chain. It’s on SC’s website.

        • Stefan Sarmiento

          not backwards since the flat part of chain is supposed to face away from the sprocket. so it can tuck in when going around the chainring/sproket.

          you think these guys would build a bike and not know how a half-link chain is supposed to go.

          • linked1

            If it isn’t backwards, then it’s a different chain than the one in the Shadow Conspiracy Interlock chain installation video, because in that video they explicitly describe, and show the chain being laid up in the opposite direction.

          • Stefan Sarmiento

            haha, why do you pick one video.

            comments on the video are explicitly saying he put the chain on backwards.

          • linked1

            What are you talking about!? The video is an instructive video on the manufacturers website showing proper installation of the chain: http://www.theshadowconspiracy.com/interlock-chain/

            The chain on the bike above is backwards.

          • Stefan Sarmiento

            christ man, is this what you do?

            pick fights on the internet.

            who fucking cares.

          • linked1

            Haha. You’ve been forced to admit you’ve been arguing a bad point all along and your reaction is to divert and say “who fucking cares”. Quite a piece of work you are.

          • Stefan Sarmiento

            i’m not admitting i’m wrong.

            the chain is fine, the FLAT PART is suppose to be away from the chainring. how do you think the chain will go around the drivetrain on the flat part.

            even john watson, the mod of this blog says “Not backwards.”

          • linked1

            The video on the chain manufactures website – a video which was produced by the manufacturer explicitly to ensure correct installation of its own directional chain, shows its chain installed in a direction the opposite to that of the bike above. I have no vested interest in any of this, I was just making an observation.
            If you believe some guy building his bike up knows better than the manufacturer of the product, then who am I to argue with that kind of logic?

          • Stefan Sarmiento

            yeah, that would apply if that was a shadow conspiracy chain…which it is not.

            shadow chains are the only directional chains.

          • linked1

            The flat part of the chain could still be out even if the direction of the chain was reversed, but if it’s a different type of chain altogether then my observations are irrelevant.

          • You guys are still talking about this?

          • linked1

            I know it’s stupid I’m just procrastinating…

        • Not backwards.

    • Sean Curran

      Your right, but it doesn’t really matter on a fixed gear, most the reasons for the half links are BMX related (smoother and less damage when grinding, and 9t drivers and such).

  • rikitiki

    I understand that this is a budget build, however unicrown forks are unfathomably disgusting and upgrading to a lugged fork would do wonders for this build. That being said, I am so into the tasteful budget builds!

  • linked1

    How long before a fixie rider’s knees pop?