Fyxomatosis on How to Customize May 2, 2013



Andy’s mantra “life is too short…” might be misinterpreted by those who take things at face value. It’s not a slogan for the rich, or the people who believe you can buy style, it’s the m.o. for the ones infected. A disease if you will. This disease causes you to tinker, to strip down, rebuild. To customize…

Like Andy, I myself get emails all the time from people wanting a $200 bike and occasionally, someone wanting to splurge $900 on a custom fixed gear. Now, don’t mistaken “custom” for hand-built and tailored. Custom can mean anything, really and for a perfect example, you really ought to head over to FYXO for the back story on how he built his ‘Nago for $935.


  • Yeah, but me an most of my friends cant really afford much more then 200 on a bike. I think most people would love the ability(money) to buy a nice/custom bike but in the end we can use that on the basics we are already just scraping by on. One day I’ll have a nice bie but in the mean time I still think you can get a lot for 200 and a little time with a wrench.