Northside Wheelers and Shifter Bikes Open House

I fucking love Melbourne. It’s without a doubt, the best city in the world. The people, the bikes, the food. Everything about it is exceptional. Today was the open house at Northside Wheelers and Shifter Bikes. It was great to see old faces and new.

Tomorrow, we leave for a two day, 200 mile, 25,000′ ride over the dividing range on cross bikes, aka an Australian ass-whoopin’, so let these photos get you through the weekend!

Check out some narrated photos in the Gallery!

21 responses to “Northside Wheelers and Shifter Bikes Open House”

  1. Michael Partington says:

    Hey John, I’m in Austin on a business trip for the weekend and was looking to visit some LBS’ any advice would be appreciated

  2. LawPatrickus says:

    I want to move to Melbourne

  3. Jamie McKeon says:

    ginger love is always appreciated

  4. stateofnonreturn says:

    Love that guy’s shirt on the left. Any one knows who makes ’em?

  5. Tyler Bowa says:

    Never had any desire to hit up Australia. Now I do.

  6. Steely Fan says:

    Nice looking Telekom. Is that the Sun Graphics restoration?

  7. Matt Weaver says:

    Too bad Melbourne is number 5 on the top ten most expensive cities to live in ( FWIW, nowhere in the US makes the list. I had a buddy who moved there and was shocked at how expensive things are.

  8. lw says:

    The stem on the eddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [picking myself up off the floor]

  9. Josh says:

    Anyone able to tell me what rims are being run on the Cinelli SSCX? Looks like archetypes…

  10. i NEED that Bikes & coffee & coffee & coffee t shirt!!! where !!?