Pearl Velo Team SSCX by Avery County Cycles

As I await for my film to get processed and scanned, I figured I’d post a little bit of love for these two parties: Pearl Velo and Avery County Cycles. Last year, when Josh from Avery was hanging around Pearl Velo, he and Tyler chatted about making a run of singlespeed cross frames for the Pearl Velo ‘cross team. This one’s Tyler’s personal frame, the first from the batch.

He prefers his cross frames a bit smaller, with a positive rise stem to put him at the proper riding position. Built with Columbus Spirit tubing and a sparkle clear over the olive drab paint, this is a no-nonsense race machine.

  • Luc Antaya

    This is so good. So good. 

  • love that paint.

  • Love the Ritchey Carbon

  • Also digging this. Nice balance between form and function.

  • PNT

    my next bike

  • Bruno Moreno

    Is there any reason for the positive rise on the stem as opposed to a longer headtube.