Who’s Going to Race the Almanzo 100 This Year? Jan 14, 2013



The more I read about the Almanzo 100, the more I really want to ride in it (fuck it, we’re doing the Royal 162). I’ll be sending out my information this week and I suggest you do the same. Jeff Frane, Kyle and Ty, I’m looking at you!

Check out more photos here, the video here and get pumped.

  • I’ll be there. Not filming, riding. 

  • i would love to do this…maybe 2013 is the year. the real question is: when will john watson come ride the d2r2 180k? ;)

  • Bryan VanArsdale

    1st, I already sent in my postcard for the Royal 162, as long as I can get to MSP I will see you there.
    2nd, don’t be a fool, get your ass to D2R2. 

    • Planning on it! I can’t wait to hit the 162 with you!

  • Already bolted aerobars onto the cross bike!

  • Fuck yeah, it was a blast last year. See you there.

  • I’ll be there! And Dirty Kanza a month after that – in for the 100 for both. They’ll be my first non-alley-cat, non-doughnut-eating-mountain-bike-race races. It’s my birthday right before Almanzo. Gonna be crazy.

  • Yezzzzzir, I will be the jerk on the skinny tires

  • Yep, 100.