Almanzo 100 Aug 26, 2012

This is a great event and I dig the registration requirement for the Almanzo 100. Check out this video and if it proves anything, you can be sure that 100 miles of gravel is no easy feat. Thanks to Ty from GSC for sharing.

  • This is what racing should be about.  A rider, a bike, and a cue sheet.  The rest is on your own.

  • josh

    this was so much fun, gotta get ready for the gentleman’s ride sept 22nd

  • Deadly

  • Nice to see Kyles D’emploi lid in the video!! 

  • Hans

    cool video. makes me miss home. riding on midwest gravel roads is the shit. scorching heat or bitter cold, winds and farmers in their tractors wondering why there’s a guy in tight brightly colored shorts riding his bike. i mean is he going somewhere? haha. 

  • Jason Clary

    Powerful video.. Makes me want to get out there and do it!

  • if it weren´t so far away from Austria I´d be in!

  • Ian Stone

    Love me some MPLS hip hop!

  • Postcard is going in the mail tomorrow….