60 Years at the Käpylä Olympic Velodrome Aug 1, 2012

I scooped this one off Affinity’s blog. Sinda Jukka is a long-time Affinity supporter and he just sent Jason these photos from an afternoon at the track, where the locals raced to celebrate 60 years of the Käpylä Olympic Velodrome in Helsinki.

Grain is good. See the rest of these lovely photos here!

  • That Affinity is even more beutiful live.. Was a good day at the track! More photos of Jukka and the rest also here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ineverstoppedlooking/sets/72157630853494328/

  • Ab Cd

    It was morning 08-10AM, not afternoon. :)

    • Guest

      your pics wouldnt be seen by anyone if it wasnt for prolls and you call him on a technicality?

      • Ab Cd

        Sorry. Didn’t know you were retarded. I’ll take that into account from now on.

  • too bad you were in columbus and not cleveland when in ohio.  clevo just finished an outdoor velodrome, after years of fund-raising and hard work (with plenty of future development planned).  would’ve been rad to see a pictorial up here.

  • Fixiegurl

    Young Judda!