Rails to Trails

Follow bikepacking guide Timo Veijalainen as he takes Kona Ambassador Erkki Punttila and former Kona Factory DH team rider Antti-Pekka Laiho on a wintery two-wheeled adventure through the magical landscape of Kiilopää in Finland Lapland’s Urho Kekkonen National Park.


Overnighter in Porkkala

Sending high fives to the cyclists in Finland for this one!

“YV-leiri is a bike touring and camping concept ideated last year on Finnish online cycling community Yksivaihde.net. Since then people have packed their bikes and gathered around campfires almost every other month and the next camp is already being planned. The idea is not a group ride but just agreeing on the location and people keep popping up there with their tents, hammocks, sausages and beers all from their own directions.

A slingshot competition has been held many times but otherwise there are no has-to-do’s, agendas or anything forced. Just breathing the fresh air and doing anything you want in the wild.

Last weekend a group of eight guys spent a spring night in Porkkala. Ice and snow were almost totally gone and sea was open. Check the awesome sunset on the video “Overnighter in Porkkala”‘


Kona Bikes: Dew Files Finland

I can’t imagine what it’s like to ride a bike in Finland, much less in the middle of winter. Luckily, this new video from Kona gives a little insight into what it’s like to cycle in arguably one of the most cycling friendly places on the globe. With over 1,200km of bike paths, the cyclists of Finland utilize their bikes as a means of transportation, regardless of the weather…

Tuesday Teardown: Krypts – Unending Degredation


Tuesday Teardown: Krypts – Unending Degredation

I absolutely love Finnish death metal and I can now add Krypts to the rank of Claws / Hooded Menace, Unholy and Amorphis. This band creates such an enveloping sound that they very well may be the new, true arbiters of death in Finland. The torch of heaviness has been passed and with the buzz surrounding this new album, they’re doing a hell of a job.

Enter the metaphors: Krypts’ sound is a dying behemoth, flailing its limbs before death. It envelops you like a breached submarine as it topples into an abyss, seconds before crushing you like a tin can. Their riffs crawl like a venomous centipede out of decaying corpse and the percussions thunder like the drums of an ancient, subterranean cannibal race of rats.

That’s how menacing Krypts’ highly-anticipated album, Unending Degredation is. Over four years in the making, this album represents the hard work of a band that made its name by crawling from the crypt to the pit. Simply listen to “Inhale” before “the Black Smoke” surrounds you. Like their death doom brethren, some tracks linger. “Dormancy of the Ancients” and “Beneath the Archaic” are as slow as a swarm of maggots, devouring a carcass.

How else are you to describe death metal? Just look at the fucking artwork. Are you not scared shitless? As dark and foreboding as their sound may be, Krypts brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. Maybe 2013 won’t suck for death metal after all? Check out one track from Unending Degredation below and pre-order the vinyl direct through Dark Descent.