Readers’ Rides: Kamil’s Pelago Stavanger


Readers’ Rides: Kamil’s Pelago Stavanger

Cycling has a way of sneaking up on people. A lot of folks begin their love affair with bikes through commuting, which turns to road riding, gravel, and beyond. One such person is Kamil, from Finland, who found bikes through this utilitarian path but is now using his Pelago Stavanger as a veritable all-rounder…

Hello from Finland!

My name is Kamil; I’m a student and entrepreneur. I fell in love with cycling through commuting when I lived in Brussels well over ten years ago.

I have owned a few bikes in the past, but usually, the bikes we ride daily get the most love. I wanted to share my ride from the Nordics, that serves as my 10-15km commuter plus occasional basket ride in local forests and on skinny roads.

This bike has been different versions of itself over the years, including various setups, and a big change from drop bars to riser bars. Currently it’s set-up as a basket-packer.


F+F: Pelago Stavanger
Wheels: DT350 / DynamoHub on DT and WTB
Stem: 90’s MTB find
Bars: VO Klunker
Seatpost: Nitto s65
Saddle: WTB Silverado
Drivetrain: Shimano 105 x riser bar shifters with Sugino OX601D cranks and MKS Gamma pedals
Headset: Chris King
Brakes: Low end hydraulic Shimano
Basket: Pelago Rasket
Lights: Busch & Müller
Fenders: VO Zeppelin 52

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