Raleigh Bicycles: 2013 Macaframa Track Frame Jul 30, 2012

When I was emailed this, my first thought was “genius”. If you’ve ever been to SF and seen aluminum trackbikes, you know the initial livery is not what people tend to display. Instead, stickers, paint markers and other things cover frames, from chainstay to top tube. So why even have a paint design? Maybe that’s what Raleigh was going for with the new Macaframa track frameset? Either way, I dig this. Expect more once the 2013 line launches.

  • Nice!


    Hi Johnny.  It was genius cause it was my idea!  Really glad they’re putting this thing out!!  Btw you do get the color scheme right?  Seemed like the only way to do Mike G’s art justice…

    And Sally if you’re reading this, HODALA

    • Sally


  • Jelle

    Why, oh why did they decide to use threaded in-frame seatpost clamping crap? Just like earlier Leader frames, you’ll probably have to break it in, tear out the thread and then look for a way to place a helicoil. External seatpost clamps for life.

    • MF NOOM

      Never had a problem!  Don’t know what you mean about breaking in the threads?  This is definitely not a bike you should compare to earlier leader frames.

      • Jelke

        The Leader Mid. 2011 725 & 735 both have known issues with this same type of seatpost collar. What I described actually happened to my 725. Aluminium frame versus steel bolt, means the bolt will win and tear out the aluminium thread in the collar. That pretty much ruins your ride, the only option is to install a helicoil.

        I’m sure this is a completely different frame, but I don’t get why they didn’t redesign the seatpost clamp. I wouldn’t even consider it, if it has an integrated clamp like this.

        • MF NOOM

          There’s nothing wrong with that clamp design.  I don’t want to trash anybody’s project or brand, but don’t generalize from an experience with a certain product and assume everything will perform like that.  And don’t overtighten bolts, especially seatpost binders.  I’ve definitely broken a few over the years but it was definitely my own fault for being dumb.

          • Jelle

            I’m not. After a quick forum browse I came across numerous similar experiences. The breaking in method was mentioned by Leader, my LBS and several comments online. Exactly, this meant overtightning it which caused the faillure.

            But let’s agree to disagree. I simply just prefer the least amount of threads in the actual (aluminium) frame.

          • I’ve owned lots of frames with an integrated clamp and have never had an issue dude. But I’ve never owned a Leader so I don’t know.
            That said, this is not a Leader… No one has ha an issue with the Raleigh bikes in the past.
            So why are you so confused?

          • Jelle

            Not confused. Maybe you guys are right, this might be just an issue with 2011 Leader frames. Let me put it differently: what is the advantage of having an integrated clamp?

          • It’s usually just a design element. All of my bikes are either fastback or integrated. I prefer the look. For instance, this Raleigh would look like doo doo with a collar clamp on it.

          • Jake Ricker

            I am by no means talking shit on this frame.
            It looks great.
            But the old Raleigh track frame cracked on the front side all the time I have had a few friends that it happened to and friends in shops here that saw it a bit as well.
            Here is a photo and short story on a clamp I fixed…

    • No one had the issue with the last ones.

  • Ethanv

    seatpost clamps break because noobs overtighten it