Giro Introduces the Air Attack Helmet Jun 25, 2012

Giro‘s newest helmet design looks like the cross between a TT helmet and a road helmet. That’s exactly what the Air Attack helmet is. Read up:

“Giro, the cycling world’s design leader since 1985, announced today the Air AttackTM, defining the next generation of cycling helmets. With a systematic approach to design and wind tunnel–tested performance, the Air AttackTM offers reduced aerodynamic drag, light weight and tremendous cooling power. Taken together, these factors can help riders to use their power more efficiently, creating what Giro calls “Free Speed”. The Air Attack will be available in two versions – including one with a magnetically-anchored optical shield, with MSRP of $200 USD and $240 USD respectively. The helmet will be available in Spring 2013.”

Shown above is the helmet without the Carl Zeiss Vision shield, to see more, check out a video below.

More information is available at Giro.

  • want.

  • Stuffing money under the mattress for next track season’s helmet.

  • Neven

    Should have called it the eggshell.

  • TuckerRidesBikes

    The Therminator is rad.

    This Therminator makes beer cold, also rad.

    • Homebrewing reference on PiNP?  I can get down with that.

  • i dig it. nice work giro.

  • Doctor_Jones_

    nice helmet…even nicer hunter track bike!

    • Brian Vernor is a loyal friend to Hunter! I loved seeing that.

    • rick hunter makes some beautiful frames…the yokes on his hardtail mtb’s are awesome.

  • astrapower

    Anyone know the make of that bike frame in the above pictures?

  • Dontcoast

    Aesthetics have come full circle.
    1986/1990 = 2012

  • David Trimble

    Giro is killing it lately! 

  • old timey aesthetic.

  • ryann

    Hellyer Park Velodrome whoop!

  • Ckamp

    A helmet company using thermocouples for product development deserves a lot of props. Good work giro, very interesting video.

  • zeeeeeeecore

    wow, just wow!

  • Sam Sam

    This helmet screams “future graphic collaborations.”

  • Gsf Nyc

     Rob “Hooptie” Evans is a legit racer and even more legit race photog.
    Stoked to see Giro using such a dope dude to model their take on the
    Casco Warp.

    Rob mixing it up with the pros at Encino:


    OTB Photo:

  • Superlift

    Looks like an old Vetta helmet