Smith Payroll MIPS Helmet


Smith Payroll MIPS Helmet

Smith, one of our favorite helmet companies here at The Radavist, just launched an all-new helmet for spring ’24, the Payroll ($200). Let’s check it out.

Designed for ultimate integration with Smith performance eyewear and goggles, the Payroll offers maximum comfort, venting and storage convenience including the three-position adjustable visor to accommodate sunglasses or goggles between runs generously.

Additional features include an Iconic+® antimicrobial lining providing perspiration absorption and sweat-activated odor control during long days on the trail. For fine tuning comfort on the fly, Smith’s VaporFit® system provides 270-degree fit adjustment and generous vents with internal air channels keep riders cool when charging uphill and focused on the descent.

Available in five inline color options (MSRP $200) – plus a new Matte Black/Topo design in partnership with Aleck® (MSRP $220) – integrating the new Aleck CS intelligent impact crash sensor directly into the helmet’s fit system. The Aleck crash sensor measures impact forces, confirms your status and sends an emergency message with your GPS location if necessary. The Aleck crash sensor connects to your chosen contacts via the free Aleck phone app as well as any other Aleck app users within a 1.8-mile radius, no subscription required.

See more at Smith.