Rad Bazaar Finds: Fuji GW690III


Rad Bazaar Finds: Fuji GW690III

Randomly coinciding with our Obscura review today, this Fuji GW690III is looking for a new home in the Rad Bazaar. Priced below market rate at $530, we’d love to see a Radavist reader walk away with a great camera system!

“This Fuji GW690III is one of the best rangefinders I’ve ever had… and with honkin’ huge 6×9 frame size, this analog beauty is great for whatever you can throw at it. Takes 120 film, has a sharp & fast 90mm f3.5 lens with a leaf shutter. It’s relatively lightweight and super reliable. I’ve used it as my go-to travel camera and taken good care of it. If you have any questions about it, just reach out! Also, I included the shipping cost in the price.”

Check it out at the Rad Bazaar.