I Couldn’t Resist

So there I was, looking at the Jack Brown tires, thinking I wanted some gumwall action on my Geekhouse Woodville touring bike. Because, you know, nothing’s classier on a purple touring bike than gumwalls. The only problem is, I have this bike, with all this clearance for tires and fenders, so I wanted to go bigger than 33c. I looked over in the corner of my office and there were the two Resist Nomad skin tires I had on my Bruiser. 45c, big, fat, round, gumwall tires. I couldn’t Resist.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • Guest

    So sick!  I should be getting my 45s today.  How’s the ride on the touring bike?  And are you putting fenders on?  I couldn’t find fenders big enough to fit 45s…

    • I’ve seen them but it doesn’t really rain here and when it does, I like getting wet.

  • Chris

    Looks classy!!!

  • how the hell did that magnet get there?

    • Fucking around with an LED magnet… Whoops.

  • Chris L

    Bet its a nice cushy ride on those 45s. My wet commuter has 26×2.1 wheels and it eats up the pavement.

  • Coop

    I’ve been thinking about trying to snab a pair for my Cross-Check.  How fast do they roll?

    • I mean, they’re tires. You push the cranks and they roll. Not as “sluggish” as Michelin citys or Conti contacts by any means.


  • Yortmai

    How do you like the 2×10 drivetrain? I am guessing that’s a 11-36 cassette? 

    • With the compact up front, the 11-36 was perfect, fully loaded down the Oregon and Cali coast. There were only a few times I had to beast up out of the saddle.

      • Yortmai

        I just built up a Trucker Deluxe for my Dad and tried to tell him this would be the ideal drivetrain, but he didn’t go for it. I’ll be looking forward to putting a drivetrain like this on the next touring bike I build for myself. Great bike! Thanks!

  • Holy-crimeny that’s nice looking. I hadn’t even considered those Nomads as a bigger Jack Brown.

    PS – Whomever was looking for Fenders for a 45c tire… Check out the Velo-Orange 700c Zepplins (52mm), or you can have Woody’s Fenders build you a custom width set (he might even be able to do the compound curve 2.25″ or 2.5″ in the 700c… but I’m not sure if that’s limited to 26″)

  • Tyler Johnson

    Resist, really nailed it with the Nomads. I have the 35c on my Sizemore commuter, the 26x 2.25 on my SKYLMT, and plan on running the 28c on my Sizemore track. The tread is great for city riding, and I have been using those 35c commuting for well over a year now.

  • DrugFree

    This bike makes me smile…

  • that looks sick
    man as soon as I get my 29er replaced lets go on a fat tire bike ride
    damn drunk kid killed my baby

  • Gabriel Amadeus Tiller
  • Looks good. Fitting fat tires is always satisfying. How do you like those pedals? (Lambda’s if I’m not mistaken)

    • They’re amazing. Props to Tracko for introducing me. A local shop had them hanging there for months and I never thought once about about them. No regrets!

  • Spoon

    Where’s the rear-rack with the skateboard-pannier? Awesome set-up. Once again, really liking the wear-n-tear detail shots.

  • man i hadn’t noticed that steerer until now. legit. matches the truck too but you already know that.

  • Guest

    prolls remember when all those snobs hated on this bike after nahbs? now look at it, its seen more riding then anything they have and i love it. its grown on me for a while now this is the new mercks track for the site. 

    • I have no idea what you just said but ok!

  • Lloyd

    I see that truck all over town — love it.  Did you ask permission to shoot these or are they stealth shots?

  • Leo

    Big Fat and round i couldn’t resist LOL 

  • Graeme Lee Burns

    Hey John! Do you know where I can get these in Canada? or are they not in production anymore?

    Maybe something similar?