Andrew Franciosa at Tour of the Battenkill

This weekend, the last thing I was thinking about was Tour of the Battenkill. Referred to as “America’s Queen of the Classics”, Battenkill is a grueling course, filled with dirt, gravel and any other excuse for a road covering found around Cambridge, New York. For those data-seekers, here’s the Pro Cat 1 / Cat 2 course and here’s the UCI course, where these photos were taken. Bottom line is: this is a grueling race and while I’ve yet to attend, Andrew Franciosa did a great job photographing the event. See for yourself below.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • this is a great set of photos! nice job Andrew! congrats to all who finished, it was an awesome race and ill certainly be back next year. also, the race is in Cambridge, NY not Cambridge, MA ;)

    • Yeah, I was zonked last night when I was writing the post. I had just edited it when you commented, thinking “WHY THE FUCK WOULD I SAY MASS?” :facepalm:

    • thank you!

  • love this gallery 

    • lol @ commenting under my stupid disqus account for work O_o but yeah thanks for reposting! 

  • SO GOOD!  My boy @JoeEldridge on14 repping @teamtype1.  Plus good shots of @tominimo & @adammyerson of @CycleMK! #battenkill

  • Nice shot of MANCEBO!!