Peacock Groove Evil Dead Tribute Track

You know what? This is hands down the most creative and expressive bike I saw at the 2012 NAHBS. No bullshit, no gimmicks, just an homage to a true auteur and the director of some of my favorite movies: Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Drag Me to Hell, Spiderman, ok, maybe not the latter. Sam Raimi’s campy horror flicks are filled with catch phrases that have echoed through my lifetime. Groovy! How fitting?

Erik Noren of Peacock Groove has always been an outsider, a misunderstood craftsman who’s been building for much longer than most. His bikes are ostentatiously-outlandish and sometimes, crude but that’s Erik. A builder’s work should reflect their personality so I took Erik to the bathroom for some reflection time and lens love. This dual-disk track bike was my favorite bike in the show and not just because he used real blood to paint it. See for yourself why below.


34 responses to “Peacock Groove Evil Dead Tribute Track”

  1. B Broekhoven says:

    Love this guy, he does what he wants!

  2. !!!!!!!! says:

    oh my fucking god these photos

  3. ciocc says:

    nothing but respect for the craftsmanship and to each their taste, but to my taste this bike is atrociously kitch and disfunctional with parts that may be harmful to the rider.

  4. Coop says:

    I found this bike really disappointing.  After all the hype and seeing the cohesiveness of Erik’s other work, this fell short of my expectations.  The paint job is pretty unimpressive, and the plain silver components don’t fit the bike at all.  For a builder that prides himself on attention to detail and customizing nearly every part of the bike, this isn’t up to par.  Every time I see the bike I think, “Jeez, it looks like he had to rush to finish this thing.”  I mean, come’on, at least paint the silver stuff matte black. (And the Peacock Groove logo in silver and white on the non-drive side is another strike.)

    His Old Style MTB from last year tops this by a long shot.  Not crazy about this bike at all.  This bike lacks the style and intense detail he’s known for.

    My two cents, I don’t like this bike, and I think Erik can do much better.  

    • John Watson says:

      so… you don’t like this bike? ;-)

      I like the silver group, but that’s me. Carry on!

      • Coop says:

        Haha, I’m little bit tossed and bored in an English class.  But yeah, I was real disappointed when I saw the full build.  I think it had much more potential.  It doesn’t completely convey the Evil Dead feeling I wanted.  Too bland!
        Either way, all his other work is amazing.  This is the only one I haven’t liked.

    • Mike Glover says:

       did you see this bike in person? cuz pictures do not do this bike justice at all!!

    • David Rangel says:

      One photo makes your argument invalid. It’s the inside of the fork crown. The wheels that were sent to him (late) were not the ones he had ordered. But guess what? Instead of scrapping the already built fork, he hand filed a stainless plug, cut out the inside of the fork crown and then re-shaped it to fit the wheel/tire. That’s dedication to a build that I’ve rarely seen. There were much easier and lamer work-arounds, but he chose the hardest one. And it came out as that little detail you would never see or photograph unless he showed you himself. I was lucky enough to get let in on it. Check it: 

      • Coop says:

        That doesn’t especially sway me, just reinforces my theory that the bike was rushed.  Dedication to building =/= a good looking completed bike.  Erik’s awesome!  I just think he missed the mark on this one.  Even if I ignore the wheels, the components still don’t reinforce the “Evil Dead” feeling the bike obviously wants.  Silver cranks, silver stem, and brown brooks don’t strike me as “horror” and don’t fit the theme of the bike.  It seems forced to me.

        It’s all my opinion though, if you like the bike that’s great!  It’s just not my cup of tea, and lacks the features that make me drool over every single other bike he makes.  

  5. Dontcoast says:

    more info on the real blood please!

    also, while I have no aesthetic issue with the silver components, I think they should also all be blood splattered. especially the chain!!! also the headset/topcap. that in my mind is what makes it somewhat lack cohesiveness. especially when there is so much attention to detail with the thrashed logo on the downtube and the paint in general….the clean components distract from that.

    fantastic concept, look like a deadline got in the way of realizing maximum potential. cover it ALL in blood! :D

  6. chainsawchain says:

    Sometimes after you murder some skeletons and such with your chainsaw track bike you switch out the spacers and bars and cranks. Then, when you try to clean the blood off the frame, you realize that you’ve done it in the wrong order and that shit is already dried and won’t come out and then you just go fuck it and ride it anyway because who’s going to steal a bike with blood all over it?

  7. Harry says:

    I thought you said no gimmicks? Nice idea but laden with gimmicks!

  8. wade says:

    I’m not a horror film fan, but I totally dig the aesthetic of the photos. All of a piece with the bike. Nice work.

  9. This is sculpture and Erik is an artist. Hands down. You don’t have to love the bike to appreciate it. Personally, I love the bike!

  10. that is freakin wicked

  11. Tony Pereira says:

    Erik rules.

  12. Majaco says:

    I got to meet Erik when the show was closing on Sunday, what a cool fucking dude! I wish I got to meet him sooner.

  13. Jared says:

    This bike is fucking rad.

  14. Christopherrosa82 says:

    one of the coolest things ive ever seen

  15. pyt says:

    apart from the chainsaw thingies, what kind of chain is that? it’s f*ckin’ sexy

  16. guestttttt says:

    his chain is badass. hopefully he doesnt cut himself :3

  17. oh man, this bike will swallow your soul! so badass!