Independent Fabrication

Year after year at NAHBS, one of the crowd’s favorites is Independent Fabrication. Since leaving Somerville for greener pastures (literally) in New Hampshire, the crew at IF has been busy setting up shop and settling into their new digs. This year, they displayed the same caliper of bicycles as they had in years past but I wasn’t interested in the flashy MTB, road and cross bikes. I wanted to check out the porteur that was getting swarmed with people every time I walked by it. How funny is it that the porteur and city bikes ruled so hard this year? See for yourself below.


  • Snow

    good lord that blue and silver bike is nice.

  • Cole

    is that some sort of wood inlay in the headset of the porteur bike? so nice

    • Chris Rowe

       Thanks! it’s a rosewood inlay…in a Ti Cane Creek headset. 

  • Coda del Gruppo

    Oh man if they would just put a curve in their forks, their bikes would go from good to great.