Tristan Afre Interview


Tristan Afre Interview

I remember first “encountering” Tristan on the internet a few years ago. There was a photo of AJ doing a barspin on Flickr and Tristan critiqued the photographer, saying something along the lines of “shadows”. The photographer had placed the flash in a less than ideal location and Tristan was merely pointing it out. I thought it was an asshole move at the time, but I wasn’t aware of Tristan and the photographer’s past.

To call Tristan Afre passionate is an understatement. His moniker Gutstains, is already making waves on the 4th Reich known as The Come Up (I can joke, right?). Loving what you do and obsessing over it until you achieve perfection isn’t easy and Tristan’s definitely on that route. For more of a background on this #bmxiefamous photographer, head over to BMX Union for the read.

Getting to know Tristan and other BMX photographers like Cody Nutter is already helping me learn to shoot better and reading what these guys do will help you appreciate photography even more. Thanks for the color-correction last night Cody!

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