The Radavist’s Top Ten Readers’ Rides of 2023

Our favorite posts each week come from you, the readers of this website! Back in 2011 we launched our Readers’ Rides feature and every year, we like to look back at twelve months of submissions and see what resonated with people the most. Well, this year we saw a huge uptick in vintage restomods being submitted and it says something that the number one entry on this list was just posted a few weeks ago! Let’s get to it…

#1 Geoff’s ’93 Rockhopper Vintage MTB Disc Brake Conversion

Geoff wanted to convert his 1993 Rockhopper to a drop bar gravel bike. Simple enough, huh? Well, he wanted to add disc brakes to it too! His step by step review really resonated with people!

#2 Lucas from the Black Forest’s 1995 Rockrider 520 Restomod

A 1995 Rockrider laced out with Tune components and a modern, faded respray? Sign us up! Lucas did such a great job on this one.

#3 Hoj Art’s DIY Custom Cannondale CAAD4

Is there a better looking road bike on the planet? Many of you would argue, “no!” As evident by Hoj Art’s restored Cannondale CAAD4, made to look like a Cannondale track.

#4 Thomas’ 1995 Kona Cinder Cone Restoration

Restorations and restomods really struck a chord with our readers and Thomas’ light handed restoration of this Kona Cinder Cone was divine!

#5 Andrew’s Freewheelin’ Crust Bikes Florida Man Singlespeed

Our editorial team loved Andrew’s Crust Bikes Florida Man submission. The photos and build were divine. If there’s a benchmark for the perfect Readers’ Rides post, this is it.

#6 Matt’s “A Lighter Elephant” (NFE)

Matt has submitted a number of Readers’ Rides over the years but his Elephant NFE tourer was hands down his best yet!

#7 Matt’s 1996 Trek Multitrack

The humble Trek Multitrack might be labeled as a “hybrid” bike from the 1990s but Matt showcases what makes these bikes very desirable.

#8 Robbyansyah’s Singular Peregrine Mk III Gravel Bike

The Singular Peregrine is a great production bike for those looking for vintage stylings with modern specs like disc brakes and bigger tire clearance. Robbyansyah’s build and documentation showcases the potential for these framesets!

#9 Jeff’s Ghostbusters Surly Ghost Grappler

Once called the Ghost Grappler and now just the “Grappler”, Jeff took inspiration from the Ghost Busters with his playful build of this do-it-all touring platform from Surly.

#10 Michael’s Bender Hardtail 29er

The only hardtail on this list is also one of the nicest hardtails we posted this year! Michael went over the top with his Bender hardtail submission and it even included a video!



We’d like to thank all of you who submitted Readers Rides builds to be shared here at The Radavist. The response has been incredible and we have so many to share over the next few months. Feel free to submit your bike, listing details, components, and other information. You can also include a portrait of yourself with your bike and your Instagram account! Please, shoot landscape-orientation photos, not portrait. Thanks!