The Dangerbird Returns to Las Cruces on October 23, 2021


The Dangerbird Returns to Las Cruces on October 23, 2021

Photo by Nathan Burnside

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If you don’t follow Monumental Loop on Instagram, then you might have missed the details for this fall’s Dangerbird race/ride. We’ll be there in attendance to ride/tour the Full Bird. Check out all the details from Matt below and don’t miss the Bikes or Death Podcast interview with him too!

October 23, 2021 8:00am
Plaza de Las Cruces

This year’s DangerBird 250 will take place on the updated route. There will be three options for riders to choose from.

1) Full Bird 256 miles
2) Green Chile Loop 123 miles
3) Red Chile Loop 133 miles

Sounds delicious, no?

If you haven’t heard, the new route is far more mellow and suits a wider range of bikes and riders. 2.2-2.6 tires are the sweet spot. Drop bars aren’t unreasonable. Red Chile is a bit less spicy.

Despite its intimidating name, the event is more about community than competition. Ride at the pace that suits you. Eat all the tacos and soak in the hot springs. Or race it until you puke. Sand makes a great receptacle for vomit.

As always this event is free and open to every damn person who wants to try it. We’re here to help with tips, gear loans, whatever it takes. If you’re more comfortable riding with someone else, use our DangerBird & Ditch Riders Facebook group to connect with others.

If y’all are on your best behavior we might even offer another lovely bandanna from @nightbird again this year.