The Bikes of the 2020 Chris King ‘Not So’ Open House Part 01: Bingham, Breadwinner, Caletti, DeSalvo, Mosaic

With Covid-19 throwing a wrench in the spokes of the traditional tradeshow schedule, even open houses have had to switch to an online, or virtual, format. We saw this earlier in the year with ENVE and now, the 2020 Chris King Open House. While it wasn’t safe to travel to Portland to document the bikes, Chris King’s in-house photographer Jacob Olsen did a stellar job at documenting all ten bikes, while videography team Modify Content knocked out some great, in-depth video profiles of these handmade marvels. We’ve got part one today, featuring Bingham, Breadwinner, Caletti, DeSalvo, and Mosaic, so let’s jump right in…


Bingham Built Laubster Disc Road Bike

Built for a client in Texas, this bike was designed to be a fast, off-the-line accelerating disc road bike with three bottle mounts for long rides in the blistering hot summers. With ENVE’s road disc fork, the 50mm offset offers a longer front-center to smooth out the ride, the titanium seatpost will offer some give and flex as well.


Breadwinner Bad Otis

Wow. The Bad Otis is a zeitgeist hardtail. With a geometry dialed for trail riding. Breadwinner recently updated the Bad Otis’ head angle to 65º, steepened the seat tube angle to 76º, which paired with a 160mm fork, 27.5″ tires, and some meaty tires, it can take on the chonk. Just look at that new logo too!


Caletti Adventure Road

Caletti’s titanium bikes are as smooth as the dreams from which they came. This Adventure Road Bike is the middle-ground between a disc road and a gravel bike. Think of it as a chubby road bike with just enough tire cushion to keep you pushin’ up steep dirt roads, while not being cumbersome or slow on the pavement ride home.


Team DeSalvo Gravel

People tend to leave titanium bare, to showcase – or show off – the material’s inherent beauty but this Team DeSalvo gravel machine spits at that tradition and adds a bit of speed-inspired iconography to liven up the paceline…


Mosaic Cycles GT-1 AR

Perhaps you caught our post featuring this bike, Spectrum Paint and Powder Works, as well as the artist who developed this beautiful finishing design, Arthaya Nootecharas. What can we say about this beaut? The proof is in the puddin’…


Tune in tomorrow for the final five bikes from the 2020 Chris King ‘Not So’ Open House. As for this bunch, who gets your vote? Drop your fav in the comments!