Simon Lee’s Stanridge Speed 77 Track Bike

Simon Lee’s Stanridge Speed 77 Track Bike
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

In 2015 while Simon was recovering from open heart surgery, he decided to piece together his dream track bike, a track bike that would pay homage to his family’s past and the land from which they came. This bike would function as a tool for Simon’s recovery, even though he wouldn’t be able to ride the bike for sometime, the process of putting together the perfect bike kept Simon busy for months.

Simon Lee's Stanridge Speed 77 Track Bike

The fully custom Stanridge Speed is enough to get heads turning, but then you’re taken straight to school while examining the rest of the bike. The first ever two tone Standridge Speed head badge would set the tone and the 77 painted on the down tube would honor Simon’s late Grandad who was an engineer in the Royal Air Force’s 77th Squadron. From there Simon would reach out to his friend Otto Carter, an engraver from Texas to engrave a set of Sugino 75s that would embody everything Simon Lee: his family initials, hometown soccer team, his now repaired heart, even his prescription medicine fit on to those two crank arms.


And when you didn’t think this build could get anymore ridiculous, in comes Death Spray Custom with the fork! Simon has a thing for Death Spray, but who doesn’t? You can see Simon ripping around Venice on this beast almost everyday, and I’d highly suggest getting a better look at this bike and all it’s flair. That is…if you can catch him, he’s riding 52X16.


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