Rivendell: New Nitto 90 190 Stems


Rivendell: New Nitto 90 190 Stems

Rivendell’s new Nitto stems feature a little less rise but still have ultra-long quill insertions…

These have a 90 degree angles and 190mm quills, 20 degrees more acute and 35mm less tall than Rivendell’s tig and fillet faceplaters. This is the faceplate stem to get if you don’t need the bars jacked up maximally or if you have a small headtube bike and the 225mm quills bottom out before you get the bars low enough. The smallux would work for the latter too, but those are 26.0 and rated for road use only. 

There are four lengths: 60, 85, 110, and 135mm; and two clamp diameters: 25.4, and 31.8. If you want to use one with a Noodle bar, shim a 31.8’r down or wait for our forthcoming 25.4 Noodles (although it might be awhile). Each stem length is effectively slightly shorter than what’s listed because of the upward angle.

Check out more at Rivendell.