Rivendell Sackville EZPZ Handlebar Bags


Rivendell Sackville EZPZ Handlebar Bags

In many ways, Rivendell was way ahead of the curve with cycling bags. Its Sackville line has seen a number of well thought out and simple bike bags with the latest design being the EZPZ handlebar bag ($162). This bag pulls inspiration from modern handlebar bags that strap to the bars and a Randonneuring bags’ closure system…

To close the EZPZ, you just pull a long cord around your stem. Then to open, it only requires you to slide the cord off the stem. Randonneuring bags use this method for its ease of access during long efforts through the night. The EZPZ is made in Connecticut, in the same factory as Fab’s Chest bags from Ron’s Bikes–Nutmeg Needleworks–out of the best materials Rivendell can muster up and is essentially extremely water resistant.

Dimensions for the EZPZ:

  • 12″ width (30cm)
  • 8″ diameter (20cm)


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