Ride Often, Shop Local, Stay Safe!


Ride Often, Shop Local, Stay Safe!

In the midst of this uncertainty, bicycle brands are uniting, and they need your help. How can you help? First, they want you to get out and ride, respecting local outdoor activity ordinances of course. Second, they want to ask you to support your favorite local bike shop, and it’s easy. The fact is now you can get whatever you need from your favorite local shop delivered directly to your home. Just call your preferred shop to place your order for home shipment today!

Shops can sign up for retail to home delivery service through QBP or Hawley. Just about every shop has a QBP or Hawley account. Some suppliers are offering to ship direct right now as well. Most shops will have access to these types of services. QBP is actively contacting shops right now, as I’m writing this to enable them to sign up. If everyone calls their shops to express interest in this program, most retailers should be “in the know” by next week.

Retailers in the service can literally create a cart on QBP.com and change the shipping address to the customer’s residence. The sale goes to the retailer but the product gets delivered to the consumer at their house.

Sounds good right? Holler at your LBS to see what they have to say!