Help the Navajo Nation in Kayenta During Covid19


Help the Navajo Nation in Kayenta During Covid19

All photos by Josh Weinberg

Our friends at Four Corners Guides and our buddy Chris Reichel gave us a heads up on this one.

The Navajo people are suffering terribly from the coronavirus and Four Corners is looking to raise $2,500 to send funding specifically to our pal Jon Yazzieour host in our this trip – and his chapter in Kayenta, so that food and water can be purchased and delivered to Navajo elders and others in need.

You can donate directly to the Kayenta chapter if you like visiting the Kayenta Township OR, please consider donating $5, $10 or $20 on this GoFundMe page.

On the fence about this fundraiser, well, consider these data points:
-62% of Navajos live in poverty
-40% don’t have running water, with many of those unable to even afford containers to hold water. Think about that? How would you feel if you couldn’t wash your hands 10 times per day, as many of us are used to?
-Around 30% live without basic sanitation
-According to the LA Times, there are about 175K residents and only four inpatient hospitals.
-Furthermore, there’s a lack of grocery stores. Where once Navajo elders would drive to bigger cities for shopping, they are now stuck at home.

Thanks for joining me in supporting our friends!