Radar Roundup: WZRD Webshop, Rapha Knee Pads, Evil Wheels, Brad Simms, Riftin’ In Iceland, and ‘Cross Bike Stuntz


Radar Roundup: WZRD Webshop, Rapha Knee Pads, Evil Wheels, Brad Simms, Riftin’ In Iceland, and ‘Cross Bike Stuntz

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

WZRD Bikes Has a Stocked Webshop

Sometimes you don’t have to buy a frame to support a framebuilder and in this case, stickers, top caps, shirts, and yeah, beautiful stems can also be a good way to tell a builder that you dig their stuff! WZRD Bikes has a new shop stocked with all sorts of accessories and while the bigger-bang products are for residents of Canada only, you could always drop them a line and ask nicely…

Rapha Knee Pads

With its entering of the MTB space last year, Rapha continues to roll out more and more MTB apparel and accessories. For those who like to wear padding, particularly to cover your knees, these new pads from the UK-based brand look promising. They are a super lightweight, highly pedal-friendly, trail-oriented knee pad with Level 2, Type B protection and rely on RHEON Labs’ active polymer system that is flexible during everyday use but reacts to impacts by concentrating more material into the impact zone. These pads sell for $110 USD / £80 GBP at Rapha.

Evil’s Loophole Wheelset Uses FusionFiber

FusionFiber is the recyclable carbon fiber material that is supposed to usher in a new era of sustainable carbon fiber manufacturing and it’s great seeing more and more cycling brands begin to utilize this technological advancement. Evil Bikes’ Loophole Wheelset is the latest to design its endemic wheels with this material and with a price point of $2,200, we bet these will catch quite well. The Loophole wheelset is available in 29″ currently, in both boost (148×12) and super boost (157×12) rear wheel configurations.



Brad Simms Power

It’s hard to name a more powerful street BMX rider than Brad Simms. The renown street BMXer just signed with SRAM/RockShox too!


Kenny Belaey at UCI ‘Cross Worlds

We all like goofy stunts on drop bar bikes and Kenny Belaey shows us how it’s done!


The Rift: Riding Iceland’s Fault Line Trailer

Around the World cyclist Jenny Graham is joined by Ultra Endurance racer Lael Wilcox as they ride over 200 kilometres through the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland and experience the Continental Divide, traverse steaming rivers, and conclude their route at the base of an active volcano.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by Tomás Montes

The Val d’Aran in Spain offers up many stunning views and ample opportunities to travel by bike. Tomás once again delivers on documenting that front…

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