Radar Roundup: Ron’s Bikes T-Shirts, New Fizik Items, GT Grade Carbon X, Custom North St. Bags, The Democratic Spirit Trailside, and REEB Talks Full Suspension


Radar Roundup: Ron’s Bikes T-Shirts, New Fizik Items, GT Grade Carbon X, Custom North St. Bags, The Democratic Spirit Trailside, and REEB Talks Full Suspension

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Ron’s Bikes T-Shirt in Natural and Black $25

Everyone’s favorite bag makers and peddlers of the aluminum Alumalith have just posted up a small run of logo t-shirts. These Ron’s Bikes shirts come in natural and black in unisex sizing and are printed by their neighbors at Brass City Merch.

Scoop one while they’re in stock at Ron’s Bikes!


Fizik Terra 3mm Tacky Bondcush Bar Tape $44.99

We’re digging these colors offered in the Fizik Terra bar tape range, which was just announced this week.

Terra = bar tapes designed for those who go off-road on drop bars.

Bondcush = layered mid-padding polymer foam that aids the absorption of road buzz. Bonded to a microtex outer layer this material blend is our chunkiest option that combines comfort, versatility and durability, ideal to tackle all kind of roads.
A sticky gel backing serves two functions: it replaces the adhesive tape for an easy removal during cleaning and damps off-road chatter without feeling too squishy.

Tacky = a sticky nonslip surface for ultimate grip in every condition.

While it’s easy to cringe at the phrase “gravel specific,” it does make sense to have bar tape with more cushion and better grip for a drop bar dirt bike. Check out the Terra 3mm bar tape at Fizik.

New Fizik Vento Ferox Carbon Colors $299.99

The Vento Ferox Carbon is a lightweight, breathable off-road shoe with a carbon outsole that takes on gravel roads, MTB trails, and CX courses with racing in mind. These shoes balance comfort and stiffness for an platform prepared for long efforts.


  • Durable and tear-resistant, woven mesh over a PU laminated upper
  • Li2 BOA® Fit System
  • X1 Carbon outsole – with rubber tread, stiffness index 10
  • Weight: 297g
  • Sizes: 36-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes)

See more at Fizik.



GT Grade Carbon X $4000

The triple triangle of gravel is back in a lightweight carbon package, featuring a new geometry, enhanced tire clearance and a bling package including a Rockshox Rudy XPLR 40mm travel fork and 50mm Trans-X dropper post.



See more at GT Bicycles.



North St. Bags Now Offers Custom Colors

Three of North St. Bags’ most popular models are now available for customized pre-order. The current models include the Woodward Backpack Pannier, Custom Pioneer 9 Hip Pack, and the Custom Davis Backpack.

How to pre-order your custom North St. Bag:

  • Select a Base color
  • Review the photos choose stripe and cord colors.
  • Select add-ons and add to Cart
  • Specify stripe and cord color choices in the order notes section of your checkout.
  • Pre-orders will ship 8/15 to 8/31

See more at North St. Bags.


The Democratic Spirit Trailside: Fire, Ire, and Public Lands

Megan Vorse works in Sales at Over the Edge in Fruita, Colorado. She recently penned a lovely essay entitled “The Democratic Spirit Trailside: Fire, Ire, and Public Lands” and we thought you’d love to read it. It’s a long one so bookmark this for some down time.

“The self cannot be completely omitted if one truly wants to hold to the Democratic Spirit of rigor, and humility, and self honesty— it must be worked through like any other problem, rather than pointing instant blame on other parties.”

Check it out at Over the Edge!




Jeff Lenosky & Adam Prosise Talk The Tech From REEB Cycles

Join Jeff Lenosky and Adam Prosise as they dive into the ride driven R&D and high-tech additive manufacturing that enables REEB Cycles latest SST and STEEZL models. Our beginnings in steel single speed hardtails and evolution through the ground breaking 170mm travel prototype BREWser fuels the discussion of fabricating modern steel bikes in Lyons, CO.

Check out John’s review of the SST here: An Evolved Steel Trail Bike: REEB Cycles SST Full Suspension Review




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Illustration by @lynotyp

When it comes to CNC parts from the 90’s, it’s hard to find a more iconic model than this. In 1995, Chico, California-based Paul Component Engineering launched the Powerglide rear derailleur for $280. These models now land upwards of $2000 for NOS examples on eBay. While it’s unlikely PAUL will ever re-issue the rasta colorway, due to the appropriation of Rastafarian culture, it’s hard to deny this one component’s mark on the bike industry. Well done, @Lynotyp!

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