Radar Roundup: Ripton Flex Canvas, Fizik Terra Ergolace GTX, Gossamer The DCF Whisper 9.8oz Shelter, Agave Finishworks Blowout Sale , OneUp EDC Tube Strap Mounts, International Coffee Outside Day, B+W:002 and Weekend


Radar Roundup: Ripton Flex Canvas, Fizik Terra Ergolace GTX, Gossamer The DCF Whisper 9.8oz Shelter, Agave Finishworks Blowout Sale , OneUp EDC Tube Strap Mounts, International Coffee Outside Day, B+W:002 and Weekend

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Ripton Flex Canvas Shorts $65

The bringers of jorts from Mt. Olympus have just descended once again with a new product: Flex Canvas Shorts. These shorts for men and women in hemmed or cut-off. These lightweight canvas shorts keep you comfortable and cool on the beach or on the bike. Don’t be confused by the natty white color and olive drab colors — the stretchy canvas fabric makes these shorts certifiably shreddable. The legs offer a wider cut to let your shanks breathe. Technical features like mesh pockets and a gusseted crotch abound.

They’re shorts, not jorts. Canvas not jean.

Check out more at Ripton.

Fizik Terra Ergolace GTX $199.99

A couple of years back, John reviewed the new at the time Fizik Terra Ergolace shoes and since then, not much has changed on the model until this week with the annoucement of a GORE-TEX, or GTX, edition of these shoes. This results in an adventurous, all-weather MTB and gravel shoe featuring a lace-up closure for comfortable support and the waterproof performance of GORE-TEX protection.

Check out more at Fizik.

Gossamer Gear The DCF Whisper 9.8oz $499

If you’re an ultralighter looking for a spacious, storm- and bug-proof shelter weighing only 9.8 oz, then the brand’s newest ultralight shelter, the Whisper, is for you. There are only 100 of these limited edition shelters available. Catenary-cut panels and 7 stakes provide great stability. Meticulously designed with 0.51-oz Bio Based DCF, the Whisper sets up with 2 trekking poles for sufficient headroom and toe box clearance.

The generous mesh skirt keeps bugs at bay and offers ventilation, while the waterproof zipper and taped seams keep you dry. The vestibule supplies space to stow gear and is raised to maintain visual contact with your surroundings. And the floor-less design gives you the freedom to pack your ground cloth separately for those extra muddy days.

Head on over to Gossamer to see the full specs and features.

Agave Finishworks Massive Sale

Agave Finishworks is in the process of buying a new space and have hit a money wall so the brand is liquidating its inventory, selling all its products for the cost of the bare component alone; i.e. not charging for its anodizing services, so if you’ve been on the hunt for some eeWings, Ti cages, stems, and other doo-dads, now’s your time to save big time!

Roll on over to Agave Finishworks for the full sale!

NEW OneUp EDC Tube Strap Mount and Inline Pump Mount

EDC is short for Every Day Carry. OneUp’s EDC line of tools, pumps and mounts are trailside essentials we carry on every ride. The OneUp EDC system helps eliminate the need for a backpack or hip pack.

EDC Tube Strap Mount $19.50 USD

The new EDC Tube Strap Mount is a neater way to attach a spare tube or other small items to your bike. It mounts to the accessory mounts found underneath the top tube on many frames. The strap mount includes a flexible rubber OneUp gear strap that securely holds gear in place, doesn’t absorb water and is easy to clean if it gets muddy. It’s way better than velcro.

EDC Inline Pump Mount $19.50 USD

The EDC Inline Pump Mount hides the mighty EDC Pump loaded with a V2 EDC Tool under your top tube. The molded plastic mount and thick rubber strap keep the EDC Pump securely in place.

See more at OneUp.

October 1st is #CoffeeOutside Day!

#CoffeeOutside: a loosely defined social phenomenon whereby cycling enthusiasts meet at a specified time and location to hand-make coffee, enjoy snacks and meet with friends, outside, oftentimes despite the weather.

Anyone and everyone! Whether you are a coffee outside regular or have never participated before, we invite you to attend one of the hosted meetups…or you can host your own ☕.

Ride to the designated location at the specified time and make coffee with friends. It’s that simple. Hosts in cities across the globe will be organizing meetups and giving out prize packages to lucky winners. Refer to the map above for locations and details.

Don’t live in one of the hosted meetup locations? Don’t worry! You can host your own hangout and still enter to win the Grand Prize.

Sunday, October 1st AKA International #CoffeeOutside Day (as we like to call it). Meetups will start at 9am local time unless otherwise stated.

Host cities have signed up at RideWithGPS.

Check out more at Ride With GPS.




When Yeti riders Bryn Bingham and Warren Kniss get together, things just click. Inspired by the videos that got us hooked on riding, the mission for the second installment of B + W is simple: Hit the spots, roll the camera, and cut together the best of Bryn and Warren’s masterfully nuanced riding. Storyboard not required.




Calling in Sick Magazine posted up a fun, chilleur edit dubbed “Weekend” – enjoy!




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Josh is down in Colombia with Scarab Cycles on assignment and we’re slightly jealous of these roads!

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