Radar Roundup: ORNOT Nordic Collection, OMM Bikepacking Roots Racks, Stelbel Nina, Astral Outback Wheels, Crust Casa Verde Shorts, MADE Interviews 2 & 3


Radar Roundup: ORNOT Nordic Collection, OMM Bikepacking Roots Racks, Stelbel Nina, Astral Outback Wheels, Crust Casa Verde Shorts, MADE Interviews 2 & 3

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

ORNOT Nordic Collection

Inspired by 1992 Nordic Ski boots, the ORNOT Nordic Collection is full of pastels and greys across the entire lineup.

Matt from ORNOT describes this drop as:


“Growing up in the Midwest, cross-country skiing was practically a rite of passage in my family. It wasn’t so much about the sport or fitness as it was about finding a way to embrace the outdoors during the long, cold winters. My passion for bike racing, combined with my job at a bike shop that transitioned into a ski shop during the winter, naturally led me to nordic/skate skiing. I’ve cherished these boots from ’92 for their distinct colorway. Now, in 2023, we’ve designed a 9-piece “Nordic Collection” inspired by this vibrant 90s color palette. You can call it a comeback, Ornot.”


Check out the full collection at ORNOT.

Old Man Mountain and Bikepacking Roots Artist Series Rack Fundraiser

To celebrate the MADE.bike show and all of the fantastic custom painters in the bike industry, Old Man Mountain has teamed up with @Tec.Gnar @SaveThePostalService @Spray.Bike and @ArgonautCycles

Each painter was provided with some racks and told to have fun! Now that we have these awesome racks we thought that we’d give them away and raise some money for Bikepacking Roots.

All ya gotta do is donate at Old Man Mountain to enter to win.

Stelbel Nina All Road All Gravel

Stelbel’s Nina is flexible platform that caters to a wide range of off-road needs. It can be designed and built to accommodate even the most specific requirements. Certainly Gravel, but not limited to it. Adaptations include options for tires up to 700x58c or perhaps in the opposite direction, to create a fast All-Road bicycle for long-distance travel.

In short, Stelbel can make you a Nina to fit your specific needs today. Roll on over to Stelbel to see all the options.

Astral Outback Polished Gravel Wheels $1,299.00 $974.25

These wheels started as a special project with very limited runs which resulted in an overwhelming response to make more… so Astral listened! The brand buckled down and engineered its polishing process so they can offer these wheels as a consistent stock option. They’re a still chance to bring something truly unique to your bike without the wait for a small batch run like before.

The Outback is designed for long-distance travel on dirt – from xc mtb epics to XL gravel rigs. The 25mm internal width is built for adventuring, be that on xc mtb trails or endless gravel.

Astral has improved the stiffness, strength and longevity of all our gravel and trail wheels by using an asymmetric (ASYM) rim design than improves spoke tension balance by up to 30%.

Offered in both 700c/29″ with White Industries hubs, this MADE show display wheelset is on sale for $324.75 off at Astral.

Crust Bikes and Casa Verde Southern Hemisphere Shorts $155

Inspired by the tiny shorts worn by Australian tradies, Matt and Cheech from Crust designed a durable pair of nice looking shorts, that could withstand his long bike tours around the world without blowing out the crotch or back pockets. This pair of shorts, like everything Casa Verde designs, is made to last, feel comfortable on the saddle, and take your look on and off the bike.


  • Strong 10oz. Organic Cotton Canvas. Sourced from a mill in Missouri, USA.
  • Triple-stitched on outer seam and inseam around gusset.
  • Gusseted crotch, no seams bulking up in your crotch.
  • Crotch is lined in Recycled-Poly Fast-Drying Antimicrobial spandex. No embarrassing sweat patches!
  • Extra layer of shell fabric on interior of back panels. Lined in Antimicrobial Spandex to catch the sweat on your lower back.
  • Bottom half of back pockets have two layers of shell fabric for max durability.
  • Spacious front pocket bags.
  • Multi-Color embroidered Crust Logo.
  • Brass YKK zipper with pink trim.
  • In collaboration with Indigenous Latina-Owned, Casa Verde.

Check out more at Crust Bikes!






Igor from Velo Orange continues the brand’s MADE Bike Show Interviews!




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