Crust Bikes x Casa Verde Raffle


Crust Bikes x Casa Verde Raffle

Our friends at Crust Bikes and Casa Verde are throwing a raffle with a good cause! Here are the details:

In celebration and appreciation of the Indigenous People who have lived in harmony with Pachamama for thousands of years and continue to fight for her well being, we have organized a small raffle to help support them.

We will be raffling a Crust X @therealcasaverde assorted goodies package. Winner will receive:

1. Cheypie Skort (XS-XL)
2. An EXCLUSIVE Crust prototype handlebar.
3. Mullet Cap (color of your choice)
4. Casa Verde tote bag
5. Shreddie The Eagle Musette Bag
6. “I’m fucking tired” keychain.

To enter the raffle please donate $10 to one of the following organizations/funds:
Help Healers in the Amazon
Tewa Women United
Change The Record

Screenshot your donation and send it to info@crustbikes.com with the subject DONATION. If you donate $10 to each of the three organizations your name will be thrown in three times. The raffle will end next Monday October 19. Apart from donations, I urge you to take time to research and recognize the history of Indigenous People, the systematic oppression they are currently experiencing, and how the land they belong to is being taken for a pipeline, mining, logging, and industrialized meat.