Radar Roundup: Made in CO Bladder, Sqweeb V4, Ned Gravel, Full Metal Fenders, New Cotic, e-Danny, and Astana Rap


Radar Roundup: Made in CO Bladder, Sqweeb V4, Ned Gravel, Full Metal Fenders, New Cotic, e-Danny, and Astana Rap

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Hydrapak’s Cenote™ 3 L is Made in Colorado

Anytime a big company moves part of its product range to US manufacturing, we take note and have to share. Crafted in Colorado, Hydrapak’s new Cenote™ reservoir features a durable and impact-resistant cap and ergonomic handle for easy filing and transport. The non-kinking HydraFlex tube and self-sealing Phaser valve deliver high flow hydration when you need it most. Retail is $26.00 at Hydrapak.

Reeb’s Sqweeb Got An Update for 2022

Speaking of made in the USA, in a small, kaizen-driven engineering and fabrication shop, improvements are made minute by minute and ride by ride, not withheld by model, year, or version. In the case of the 2022 SQWEEB, it took two years of continuous testing and innovation, a pound of weight savings, and the addition of the mullet platform to their refined modular shock mount platform to turn the page to v4.

The Sqweeb maintains its aluminum chassis and big ol’ 29″ wagon wheels. The 2022 v4 sports improved aesthetics and a redesigned rocker, which helps shed a bit of weight and increase bearing life and serviceability. The modernized geometry, developed around 140mm to 170mm travel forks, adds to our already stellar standover height (and seat post insertion), lengthens reach, and steepens the seat angle while three versatile suspension configurations deliver confidence and courage to the rider regardless of the terrain. See the Sqweeb V4 at Reeb.

Ned Gravel Returns July 2022

Coming back in July 2022, Ned Gravel returns as one of the most inclusive gravel races in the world. They believe everyone should feel welcomed and encouraged to ride and we are doing our best to make that happen:

“Our courses are also some of the most challenging. This was not our original intent — but when we started building the course from our regular rides, we realized there were very few other races that have as much climbing, as many technical sections, and all at an elevation of 8,000-10,300 feet. Our courses pay homage to the hardened miners, dreamers and misfits who came before us as we ride through ghost towns, past mines and up mountains.”

See more at Ned Gravel.

Portland Design Work’s Full Metal Fenders are Back in Stock

Wet weather be damned! Portland Design Works’ Full Metal Fenders are back with a fender size for any frame’s clearance. Roll on over to see the full offering and don’t sleep, you know how fast things sell out these days…

Cotic’s New Cascade

Readers of The Radavist love big, bad, drop bar bikes and Cotic’s new adventure bike, loaded with all sorts of touring bits, with meaty tires (29 x 2.6″) and refined geometry. See the full drop at Cotic.



Danny Rides the New Santa Cruz Heckler e-Bike

Danny doesn’t stop talking about ebikes. He’s infatuated with them. In fact, the only time he’s not chewing someone’s ear off about how “mint” they are is when he’s riding one. And when he’s riding his ebike he just rides and rides and rides. Which is why we’ve equipped the newest Heckler to venture further and faster, for longer.


Astana Qazaqstan Team – Astana Is My Team (Cycling Rap)

Happy humpday…


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @vovasyuzev.png

Our buddy Ryan Wilson ran into a big bump in the road while in Colombia:

“Well, almost 6 years in, my luck was bound to run out at some point. Today I got jumped while riding back from a popular climb in Bogotá, Colombia and all of my phone, camera, jacket, some bags, even a NALGENE BOTTLE of all things got swiped by like 6 or 7 dudes. On the bright side, the guy with the knife didn’t stab me and they didn’t take my bike, so at least there’s that! But punches to my recently fractured rib didn’t feel amazing.”

We’re working to help Ryan out, in the meanwhile, roll on over to his Instagram and give him some encouragement.

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