Radar Roundup: Lighter Hammocks, Sim Works Restock, Loam Pedals, Ti and Fold Me Up, and Give Us Space Plz, K?


Radar Roundup: Lighter Hammocks, Sim Works Restock, Loam Pedals, Ti and Fold Me Up, and Give Us Space Plz, K?

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Eno Single and Doublenest Hammocks are Now Lighter and More Packable for Bike Touring

In the right climate, with the right sleeping bag, hammocks can be a great option for bike touring. As long as you have the means to hang them. ENO just announced a redesign of their Single and Doublenest hammocks with lighter packed weights and extra packability. The Singlenest weighs in at 16oz / 454g and the Doublenest now weighs 19oz / 538g. Of course, you’ve gotta add straps to this kit and please be mindful of what vegetation you hang from. For instance, desert trees and plants, like the Joshua Tree and Spanish Bayonette Yucca, often have shallow rootballs and can’t hold the weight of a human, much less two. 🤓

Sim Works Obento Rack Restock

If you’ve tried outfitting your bike with parts over the past 30 months then you know how hard it can be to find products in stock and shipping. With springtime around the corner and bike tours on our minds, we thought we’d plug the restocking of the Sim Works Obento rack. These racks can fit various bikes by either attaching to rack bosses or via the included c-clamps. Retail is $168 and shipping today from Sim Works.

PNW Components Launch $99 Loam Pedals

Believe it or not, even platform pedals are hard to come by these days. PNW Components teased these on its Instagram the other day and dropped them in their webshop yesterday. As such, the silver and purple are sold out but black is still in stock and you can sign up for their email alerts for more colors in the future. At 445 grams per pair, these forged/CNC’d pedals are a great bargain, especially when you consider PNW’s lifetime warranty…

SF Reporter Hits Hard

Our local paper here in Santa Fe posted this graphic yesterday and it felt all too familiar of a scenario. As pointed out in our Aethos review, cyclists are vulnerable on the road, and with manufacturers making bigger and bigger pickups, when will it end? Our town is undergoing a “road diet” of sorts and as expected there is pushback from the public. Is this the American dream? If so… for whom? Oh wait, we already know.



7.45kg : The Story of Brompton T Line

7.45kg (16.42444 pounds) is prettttty light for a folding bike and that’s what motivated Brompton’s new T Line of titanium folding bikes. Ultralight, made in the UK, and available in four build configurations. Check out all the Ti folding goodness at Brompton.



Sofia Bermudez: TPC Ambassador Series

For many of us, feeling like a beginner, especially as an adult, can be uncomfortable. We tend to gravitate toward and spend time on things we are good at. However, for Sofia Bermudez, she seeks out new activities that she will be a beginner at. For her, being a little uncomfortable is comfortable. The feeling of seeing things with a fresh (and sometimes frustrating) perspective keeps her engaged and present.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @dirtydropbars

Windy roads and the last light of the day paints the vibes quite well in this shot from Dirty Drop Bars.

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