Radar Roundup: Chris King Matte Mango is Back!, Canyon Lux Trail, Brooks Team Special, North St. EPX Bags, Cedaero Trek 1120 Bags, Kuwahara Diavolo V3 Boost Hubs, Bikes or Death 166, Cinelli Made in Milano, James Bleakley of Black Sheep Bicycles, and Lobo Solitaire Urbano


Radar Roundup: Chris King Matte Mango is Back!, Canyon Lux Trail, Brooks Team Special, North St. EPX Bags, Cedaero Trek 1120 Bags, Kuwahara Diavolo V3 Boost Hubs, Bikes or Death 166, Cinelli Made in Milano, James Bleakley of Black Sheep Bicycles, and Lobo Solitaire Urbano

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Chris King Matte Mango Returns

Chris King was among the first bicycle component makers to introduce color anodization to their product line back in 1988, with colors coming in and out of the collection each season since. Earlier this year, they brought back 3D Violet, which first appeared in 1988. ​And this year, they’re bringing back the Matte Mango after a rocky debut in 2022.

King had difficulty getting the anodizing on its Matte Mango within tolerance, which caused production delays and increased its lead times. Instead of shipping mismatched components to discerning customers who expect the very best, the Portland-based manufacturer removed Matte Mango from the assortment. Now, King is excited to welcome one of its favorite colors back!

Matte Mango is available through Chris Kind dealers and directly from ChrisKing.com.



Canyon’s New Lux Trail Wants You To Go Further, Faster

When it comes to the neverending pursuit of refinement across its brand catalog, Canyon ain’t messing around. The brand’s new Lux Trail is a completely new bike that’s been entirely redesigned from the bottom up. It shares DNA with the race proven Lux World Cup, but while that bike is all about chasing wins between the tape, the Lux Trail is made for chasing records beyond the tape.

On paper, the Lux Trail is a 120mm 29er with 115mm of rear suspension, but when clipped in, those numbers feel completely different thanks to a completely new kinematic suspension design. A 115/120 bike is ideal for bikepacking races and Canyon optimized the “dead cat space” of the frame’s internals with plenty of space for spare parts and tools.

Check out the Lux Trail at Canyon.

Brooks Team Pro Special is Back $200

One of the most iconic saddles to ever leave the Brooks facilities in Birmingham, England, is the Team Professional, or the Team Pro Saddle. With its large, flattened rivets and a silhouette suited for everything from road miles to yes, mountain biking, the Team Pro has been a favorite amongst retro grouches and stylistic soirees of stylish shredderz alike.


  • Hand-Hammered Copper Rivets
  • Chromed Frame Assembly
  • Hand skived lower flaps
  • Durable, 5mm thick, Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Chromed Rails and Frame Assembly
  • Distinctive side stamp
  • Iconic Brooks backplate

Now back in stock after a short hiatus at Brooks.

North St. Bags Neon EPX Lineup

Portland-based North St. Bags just wrapped up a big product drop featuring three bright neon EPX fabrics; yellow, orange, and teal. These fabrics are used across North St’s pannier lineup, as well as its hip bags. Add some color to your day with a pop of neon, all made by hand at North St. Bags.

Cedaero Bags Trek 1120 Front and Rear Rack Bags $169/$179

Cedaero, the makers of our neat-o collaboration Portage Bags, just dropped something unexpected: ready-made bags for the Trek 1120 touring bike. If you recall, the 1120 features proprietary racks with funky shapes, meaning a lot of universal bags don’t fit them all that well. That’s where Cedaero comes in with two custom bags, specifically designed for the 1120’s unique racks. All in stock and shipping today from Cedaero.

Kuwahara Diavolo v3 Limited Boost Hub Set Camo Splatter $303.60

Founded in 1918, “KUWAHARA BIKE WORKS” has been making bike stuff longer than most. From BMX to tandems to even modern mountain bike hubs. The Diavolo V3 Boost hubs are 110/148 hubs for modern mountain bike applications and Blue Lug has stock of these hubs in the limited Hunter Camo finish.

The ratcheting mechanism has 150 points of engagement and the Japanese bearings spin smooth.


  • weight: front 190g, rear 308g
  • hole count:32H
  • over lock nut dimension: front 110mm, rear 148mm
  • axle: front 15mm, rear 12mm thru
  • disc brake mounts:6 bolt type
  • free body Shimano HG (8-11 speed compatible)

Check out more at Blue Lug’s Global Store!


Bikes or Death: Episode 166 – AZTR Winner Alex Schultz Sets New FKT

Patrick from Bikes or Death just dropped Episode 166 on the men’s winner of the AZTR this year:

“My guest today is the winner of this years Arizona Trail Race 800, Alex Schultz. Alex is no stranger to bikepack racing or the AZT. In 2019 he entered his first bikepacking race, the Colorado Trail Race, and was hooked! In 2022 he entered the AZT 300 and won it. This year he came back to take on the 800 with only the goal to finish and do his best. It turns out his best was good enough to win and set a new FKT (Fastest Known Time). His time of 9d 5h 43m was five hours faster than the previous FKT set by Nate Ginzton in 2022.”



Rad Bazaar Finds

We love seeing the support for our Rad Bazaar, a service we host for Group Ride members. For now, you can read all about how to sign up for the Group Ride and Rad Bazaar here.

18″ Moots YBB $2500

This was a fun project to build up, but alas I do not need it. Lots of brand new, bling parts on here. The frame was sent in to Moots to be refurbished by the previous owner. New Headbadge is amazing I mounted the rigid fork and rode it as a gravel bike, but I have other bikes so..

18″ seat tube (center to center)
23″ top tube (center to center)

2019 Crust Evasion Raw Large Build $3200

Looking to sell my Evasion. I love it but I never get to ride it. It’s a Large. Shipping is an option. I’ll cover the cost. It was built in 2019, has the 2016 Large Geometry, and is the raw frame color.

According to Strava, the bike has about 1,000 miles on it. It was serviced at Keystone in Philadelphia last year and has had about 30 mile on it since then.

Stoemper Ronnie CX $1300

Stoemper Ronnie CX Bike, Size 56. I’ve finally accepted the reach is just a bit too long for me; it’s been a great bike, super light and agile, but it’s time for a new home.




Cinelli Made in Milano

In 2023 Cinelli re-established its framebuilding facilities onsite in its Milano HQ for the first time since 1981.
Cinelli is proud to announce all Cinelli Nemo frames are handmade in Milan by a small team of highly-skilled framebuilders, working 20 meters from the Columbus tubing manufacturing facility creating the world’s most vertically-integrated bicycle manufacturing supply chain.



Master Bike Builders Show: James Bleakley of Black Sheep Bicycles

Another great interview from the Master Bike Builders Show is this one featuring James Bleakley of Black Sheep Bicycles.



Lobo Solitaire Urbano | Trail Builder Samy Mercado

Meet Samy Mercado…Red Bull Rampage Digger Award recipient and Soil Searching ambassador. He doesn’t ride with people much, so this may be your first seeing him. But if you live and ride around Riverside, California, chances are you’re familiar with his work.




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @JPWeigle

There are heroes and then there’s Peter Weigle, who crushed the International SingleSpeed Day content with this gem:

“1970’s drill template for a Witcomb USA Ny International trade show track bike. I’ve been at this drilling thing a long time. – My life, full of holes…”

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