Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 Videos of 2012


Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 Videos of 2012

2012 brought a lot of videos to the table here at PiNP. I had to scroll through 60 pages of fixed freestyle, track bike, cyclocross, BMX videos and everything in between to compile this list. Unlike previous years, these videos were chosen based on my own personal impact. I didn’t look at the number of comments, or hits, they just stood out from the rest and were, at least in my opinion, very influential. From frame builders, to FGFS and good old fashioned mashing on track bikes, these were my top picks for 2012.

Check them out below.

Golden Saddle Cyclery: Just Another Day in the Park

As the name implies, this is how the GSC crew spends their morning rides in the park. No kidding…

Macaframa for LOW

Andrew Low crafts his aluminum low pros and track bikes in SF, where Macaframa resides and Massan calls home. That’s a winning combination.

Tom La Marche Chi Town Baja

I remember when this video landed on the internet. I was in Bali, with hardly any internet accessibility and had to wait for 20 minutes for it to load but damn was it worth it. No matter how long Tom takes off his bike, he can still crush it like none other.

TREE: A Day in the Life with Clint Reynolds

Many would argue that Austin is the BMX capital of the world and I would agree. It’s paradise for the 20″ riders out there and TREE gave us an insight into how one of the most unique individuals spends his time in ATX.


I never want to hear the words “I can’t” come out of your mouth. Ever.

Wolf Drawn: Tyler Johnson for H+Son Todestrieb

Tyler Johnson is one of the smoothest riders out there and during his time in Long Beach, Matt Spencer got some great clips of Tyler shredding the local spots for H+Son.

Empire BMX: Tony Cardona 2012

So many of these lines are mental. I said it before and I’ll say it again, you have no idea how big some of this shit is!

Jonathan Davis Into the Unknown

This was one of the first videos in 2012 that really stood out to me as some of the sickest FGFS riding. Big. Ballsy and fast.

Dosnoventa Runs NYC

Track bikes in the streets of NYC will never get old and it’s always entertaining to see how visitors to that city document their travels.

Wolf Drawn: Joe McKeag

Both of these guys really stepped their games up in 2012: Matt Spencer (filming) and Joe McKeag (fucking killing it).

That’s it for my top 10 videos of 2012 list but let’s not forget all the great video series that came about as well. Corn Fed was one of my favorites, along with KVLT KLIPS, Wrahw’s Witchtapes and the #FF Power Hour series. Keep those cameras recording in 2013 guys!

Did I miss your favorite video? Share it in the comments!