Golden Saddle Cyclery: Just Another Day in the Park May 1, 2012

This came out so good. I’m very pumped on Endo, GSC and Tracko!

“Los Angeles based bike shop Golden Saddle Cyclery worked with local cycling apparel manufacturer Endo Customs to create their first run of shop kits. What better way to showcase a kit than on cyclists riding the bikes they love. Or maybe we just wanted an excuse to go ride our bikes in these fancy kits…

Riders in order of appearance: Ty Hathaway, Kelli Samuelson & Kyle Kelley

Written by Ty Hathaway
Directed by Kyle Kelley
Filmed & Edited by Ace Carretero”

Thanks for the plug Kyle!


  • 0:42 – love your work!

  • Noone

    Why do these kind of video’s always end up in a coffee shop?

    • Because most cyclists end their rides at a coffee shop.

      • Anon2u

        i prefer to artificially lower my blood sugar by consuming tetrahydrocannabinol, thus increasing my appetite.  After gorging myself upon carbohydrates and protein I often PTFO
        …but coffee is nice too

  • wade

    Very cool all around!

  • Tyler Johnson

    THIS IS SOOOOO SICK! Way to go Kyle and GSC

  • Nice video! That SS cross bike looks like fun. Good job GSC!

  • so good!  Endo Bibs are some of the best I have ridden.  Great work guys!

  • Mmtmatrix

    Or a bar

  • so cool!

  • 666

    GSC! The best bar in L.A.!

  • Drew Thornton

    Great clip. Just makes you want to ride… and buy a kit.

  • Awesome people and an awesome edit by Ace

  • very cool.